Brace yourselves. The Great Gelato Giveaway is upon us.

Ahh, Ohio Valley summers. Sultry, sweaty and sticky (I’d complain, but that would go against the vow I took during the Polar Vortex to not talk bad about the heat).

The nice folks over at Gelato Gilberto have a solution to the summer woes. The gelato shop will give away 100 pints of the dessert starting today, July 1.

Be on the lookout for the Gelatomobile (Picture courtesy of Kristin Gilbert).
Be on the lookout for the Gelatomobile (Picture courtesy of Kristin Gilbert).

Here is how the giveaway will work, courtesy of Gelato Gilberto:

The Gelatomobile will magically appear at random locations during the month of July. We’ll post the location and secret password on our Facebook page on the day of each appearance. The first ten people to find the Gelatomobile and say the password will get a free pint of gorgeous gelato. (One pint per family/group please–we want everyone to get a chance.) There may or may not be consolation prizes at each location.

Visit Gelato Gilberto’s Facebook page for more info.


Save your quarters for 25-cent scoops at Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen

Gadzooks, that's a lot of chocolate.
Gadzooks, that’s a lot of chocolate.

The mosquitoes are humming, the air has grown stagnant and the sweat has stopped evaporating from my brow.

Yep, it’s almost summer in the Ohio Valley.

Now, we all promised that we wouldn’t complain about the heat after such a long, dreary winter (I wasn’t complaining in the opening — those were scientific observations). Instead, let’s cool off with the Ninth Annual 25¢ Ice Cream Social at Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen.

From noon to 5 p.m. this Saturday, May 31, all single scoops of ice cream are 25 cents at any of the 10 Pie Kitchen locations. There is some fine print: waffle cones and all other scoops such as doubles and triples are normal price.

So go forth with your change, friends, and treat yo’ self to a scoop. Just don’t complain about the heat.

Thursday is gelato day at 21c Museum Hotel

It’s been so hot in Louisville that I’m pretty sure the streets are sweating.

Thank goodness for 21c Museum Hotel’s gelato cart.

21c is this a luxury hotel/museum/restaurant/awesome place. It’s so luxurious, in fact, that I can only afford to peek through the windows into the lobby and restaurant, Proof on Main.

But from noon-5 p.m. each Thursday, the restaurant portion of the hotel wheels out a gelato cart and serves up the frozen Italian treat.

Blueberry gelato. YUM.

Follow Proofgelato on Twitter to find out what kinds of gelato they will serve that day. The flavors range from white chocolate ginger to blueberry to sea salt and caramel (one of my favorites). The flavors vary from week to week, so don’t have your heart set on the butter pecan you had a few weeks ago.

For $3, you only get a small cup of gelato. But it’s worth an occasional treat to yourself for some relief from the sultry summer heat.