Mark your calendars: The Rumble at the River, a Seafood Chowder Throwdown, 3.21.11

The folks over at Louisville Hot Bytes are hosting a chowder competition to benefit autistic children.

The Rumble at the River, a Seafood Chowder Throwdown, which will take place March 21, 2011, at Captain’s Quarters, will pit some of Louisville’s best chefs against one another to find the best chowder in the city. Proceeds of the event will go toward The Hope Center for Growth, an organization that runs a summer camp for autistic youth.

Some participants in the competition include: Theatre Square Market Place, Equus/Jack’s, Dish on Market, NA Exchange and Lilly’s. Tickets are $15 per person.


The Rumble at the River, a Seafood Chowder Throwdown

When: 6:30 p.m., March 21, 2011

Where: Captain’s Quarters, 5700 Captain’s Quarters Road, Harrods Creek, Ky.

Cost: $15 with proceeds going toward The Hope Center for Growth

The $10 Challenge: The Fishery

The Fishery was a vendor at the Fork, Cork & Style Festival a few weeks ago.


Every few years, I become fixated on a particular dish.

A few years ago, it was cheesecake. I had to have the dessert at every restaurant I visited in an attempt to find the best.

Then there was the Club Sandwich Tour of ’07. Cheddar’s won that battle.

Now, I’m on the hunt for the best fish in Louisville.

It started when I returned to my hometown and started to gorge myself on all the Moby Dick I had missed while I was away. But I discovered that Louisville’s seafood landscape is more vast than I had anticipated.

There’s Mike Linnig’s, which I still need to try. And there’s Hill Street Fish Fry, a surprisingly disappointing entry. And I’ve ordered the fish at non-seafood restaurants.

Then there’s The Fishery.

I’m not finished with my Tour de Fish. But The Fishery has jumped to the top of my list of best places to find a great fish sandwich in Derby City.

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The $10 Challenge: Mrs. Potter’s Coffee Lounge and Cafe

Food was the only remedy for what ailed me Thursday.

The day started an hour later than usual, thanks to my inability to hit “snooze” instead of “off” on my alarm. I was already behind on my to-do list before I even made it to work. And while I scrambled to catch up, a dull throbbing behind my eyes reminded me that I had forgotten to pick up allergy medicine the day before.

It was a no-good, very bad day. And soup was the only thing that could make me feel better.

I turn to soup when nothing else in the world seems right. It transports me back to the stool in my mother’s kitchen, the one with the cracked leather seat. I would sit there, groggy and queasy, while my mother stirred a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup for me, her patient for the day.

There wasn’t anything particularly special about what came out of the red and white can – just a mound of noodles and bits of chicken. But I slurped it up anyway, because I knew my mom would make me feel better.

I’m old enough to know that soup isn’t the elixir my mother said it was, yet I still seek out a bowl when I feel sick or out of sorts. Rarely has a restaurant’s soup made me think of that worn stool and the time I spent peeking over my mother’s shoulder. But those memories sprang back into the forefront of my mind Thursday during a visit to Mrs. Potter’s Coffee Lounge & Café.

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