A gourmet burger food truck is coming to Louisville. Excuse me while I squeal with glee.

Congratulations to Liz and Jesse Huot, a Louisville couple who have reached their fundraising goal for Grind, a food truck that will serve gourmet burgers beginning this spring.

Like other folks who are doing big things in Louisville, Liz and Jesse used Kickstarter to raise money for their project. They surpassed their pledge goal of $5,500, but you still have just more than a week to submit a pledge.

Why should you pledge, even though Grind has already met its goal?

In talking with Consuming Louisville’s Michelle Jones, who navigated the Kickstarter waters, I found out that well-intentioned pledges sometimes don’t go through. And as the daughter of a small-business owner, I understand the importance of having some extra start-up dough on hand, just in case.

So give if you can. If not, visit Grind when it rolls out this spring. GOURMET BURGERS, PEOPLE.