Bits and pieces: Google recipe search, military mess halls and other food news from the web, 2.28.11


  • Military mess halls provide hearty, down-home meals for the men and women serving our country. Unfortunately, many of the food options are unhealthy and can do more harm to our troops than good. (Slate)
  • Under the “Can’t Make These Things Up” file, a British ice cream parlor is offering breast milk ice cream. It’s called “Baby Gaga.” (Reuters)
  • Ale-8-One, a Kentucky-brewed soft drink, will offer a caffeine-free version of the beverage. I was introduced to this drink when I covered news in Winchester, Ky., where Ale-8 is based. I’m not a fan, but lots of folks are. (Courier-Journal)

Bits and pieces: Wisconsin protest pizza, cafeteria trays and other food news from the web, 2.22.11

Pizza - the official food of protest.
  • Is Madison, Wisconsin the next Cairo, Egypt? Maybe not, but protestors in the Middle East and others from across the world are reaching out to demonstrators in Madison by buying pizza for protesters at the state Capitol. The protesters are about to enter their second week of demonstrating their opposition to the Wisconsin governor’s plan to cut benefits and change collective bargaining rules for most state public employees. (Politico, Reuters)


  • I’m not a fan of  loud chewers, but this is extreme. A man in Latvia was shot to death for eating his popcorn too loudly while watching the movie Black Swan. (The Telegraph)


  • Here’s one from Jenna Johnson, a reporter with whom I interned with at the Washington Post: Colleges are starting to get rid of cafeteria trays in an effort to cut back on the amount of food that co-eds are wasting. (Washington Post)


  • Get to know the folks who deliver your food. They could save your life. (Gawker, WMCTV)


  • In international news, the people of North Korea are starving, but there is serious international concern that aid is not reaching the people who need it most. How should other countries help? Or should they help at all? (Washington Post)

Bits and pieces: Thanksgiving news from the web, 11.24.10

    Gobble gobble, y'all. Photo courtesy of Alan Vernon via Flickr.
  • Each year, one lucky turkey escapes the dinner table, receives a Presidential pardon and lives a pretty cushy life in the process. The Food Network put together a fun slideshow about the process, and the Washington Post profiled the chosen bird, Courage, and his alternate, Carolina, last year.
  • This Thanksgiving, more folks in Louisville (and the rest of the country, from what I’ve read) need help, but donations have fallen flat, according to an article in the Courier-Journal. From the story:

“What I’ve been really amazed by is the number of people who come in and feel somewhat ashamed because they say, ‘I’ve never been in this situation before,’” said George Sanders, executive director of West Louisville Community Ministries. “They’re almost apologetic.”

  • I’ve never had the urge to try the abomination that is turducken (a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken stuffed with … stuffing), but in case you’re interested, here’s a recipe. Somebody should stuff some Tums in there as well.


  • Some calls to the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line prove that there are such things as stupid questions, according to a piece from Reuters. The story lists some real questions that have been posed to the turkey experts throughout the years, including my favorite: “Is it okay to thaw my turkey in the bathtub while bathing my kids?”


  • Need something to talk about at the Thanksgiving table? The good people of have compiled a list of science trivia about common Thanksgiving foods.