Building the food writing empire, one blog post and column at a time

The past couple of weeks have been packed full of change.

I just ended my year as an AmeriCorps VISTA (which I will blog about in the next few days).

I was hired full-time at the non-profit organization where I spent my VISTA term.

And I’ve just been hired to write a column for Food and Dining Magazine.

I will adapt the $10 Challenge for the magazine’s next issue, which will come out around Derby time. This won’t be a rehashing of Challenges I’ve already completed. My column will feature a new restaurant, but I’ll still have $10 and a hearty appetite.

I’d love to hear your suggestions for places to conduct $10 Challenges for the magazine and blog. Visit Food and Dining Magazine’s Facebook page and write your suggestion on the wall. Leave a comment below. Or send me a direct message or reply on Twitter.

Thank you for reading this blog and giving me the support to go after more food writing gigs. If I could, I’d buy everyone a jar of Nutella and some pretzels so you could celebrate with me. But really, a sincere and heartfelt thanks, ladies and gentlemen.


Thank you, Velocity, for thinking I’m kind of cool

Grab a copy of Velocity if you’re in Louisville this week.

Flip to page 22.

That’s me, in all my yellow-sweater glory.

Velocity, the free weekly tabloid published by The Courier-Journal, has put out “The Good Issue” this week that highlights “the people, places and things we like about Louisville.” My Twitter account is featured as “A Good Twitter Feed About Louisville.”

I sincerely appreciate being mentioned in a list that gives shout outs (or is it shouts out?) to some notable Louisville people and websites, such as Michelle Jones of Consuming Louisville and the local website Broken Sidewalk.

And thanks to everyone who reads my ramblings on Twitter. It means a lot.