Guilt-free waffle fries, more counterspace and other things I want for Christmas


In no particular order, here is a sampling of what I would like this year for Christmas:

  • For Chick-fil-a to adopt more progressive social views so I won’t have a moral dilemma every time I want some waffle fries.
  • Delivery service from Annie Café. Yes, I live within spitting distance, but sometimes laziness sets in when I get a hankering for ginger chicken.
  • Time to reorganize all the recipes I’ve torn out from magazines.
  • Nutella in bigger, redesigned jars optimal for dipping pretzels and animal crackers. I’m sick of getting hazelnut spread on my wrists when I near the end of the jar.
  • And speaking of pretzels, a steady supply of chocolate-covered pretzels at my desk would be great. The salty/sweet combo is magical.
  • To receive the same (alleged) multi-million-dollar deal from Weight Watchers that Jessica Simpson will (allegedly) receive after she has a baby. I’m already down with PointsPlus, Weight Watchers. I’ll take the cash.
  • For people to truly like the homemade baked goodies I’m doling out for the holidays.
  • A new lunch bag. Something like this will do.
  • More respect for the tiny carts at Kroger. Quit leaving them out to freeze, Angry Teenage Cart-Gatherer.
  • More coupons for real food — the kind that doesn’t come in cardboard boxes.
  • Cherry Coke Zero at every fountain.
  • The realization of the great app that will be Menu and Hours.
  • More butter for Norway. Those people have suffered enough.
  • To not gain winter weight from all the cookies, doughnuts, cakes and lunch specials I’ve been exposed to in my new office.
  • World peace.

[Bits and pieces] Norwegian butter crisis, Mountain Dew, and other food news from the web, 12.19.11

A butter sculpture of a cow jumping over the moon. This is enough to make a Norwegian weep. Photo courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr.
  •  Because of a perfect storm of poor dairy production, the popularity of the high-fat Atkins diet, and the dire need for Christmas cookies, the people of Norway are in the midst of a butter shortage. Will they have to turn to margarine next? Oh, the humanity. (NPR)



  • A Chick-fil-A employee identified two Asian customers as “Ching” and “Chong” on their receipts. Is diversity and fairness too hard to grasp? (Eater National)


  • Pssst … Mountain Dew contains flame retardant. So do 10 percent of soft drinks sold in the U.S. Pass it on. (Gizmodo)


  • Here are some tips to tell if your olive oil is the real deal. (NPR)


  • Despite offering lower prices, big restaurant chains have suffered this year because of the economy. My tip: more free rolls. (The Street)