Bits and pieces: Michelle Obama, Quiznos death watch and other food news from the web, 7.25.11

  • “Our standard supermarket banana, a variety called Cavendish, may be at the brink of disaster.” That is definitely going to mess up my breakfast. (The Scientist)
  • First Lady Michelle Obama is trying to bring more fruits and vegetables to “food deserts” and is working with some big retailers to do so. (NPR)
  • And speaking of healthful living, should the government put a tax on junk food and subsidize produce to get Americans healthy? Food writer Mark Bittman argues that this idea is worth exploring. (New York Times)
  • Looks like business isn’t booming at Quiznos, a sandwich chain with a whole lot of debt. (Gawker)
  • Brooklyn restaurant Do or Dine serves foie gras doughnuts, and people are pissed about it. It just sounds kind of gross to me. (Gawker)

The food pyramid is now a plate. Will it help you eat healthier?

Remember that pesky food pyramid we learned about in elementary school?

It’s time to forget all of that.

First Lady Michelle Obama and the U.S. Department of Agriculture unveiled a new infographic on suggested dietary guidelines this morning. Behold, the “MyPlate“:

Photo courtesy of

The USDA is now giving us a plate to better visualize the food groups we should eat daily. You can find more about the plate here. Once you get to the site, you can click on each food group to learn more about how much you should eat and examples of food in that group.

You can also read more about previous food pyramids and what critics think of this new graphic at the New York Times.

The plate is a better visual tool for me than the pyramid ever was. Pyramids are fun and all, but I always got confused when I worked my way up to meats and dairy. Thumbs up from me, USDA.

Bits and pieces: Trader Joe’s, Wal-Mart and other food news from the web, 1.24.11

Oh, snap. Is a Trader Joe's coming to Louisville? Photo courtesy of A Girl with Tea via Flickr.
  • Seems like there’s a lot of drama going around about a Trader Joe’s coming to Louisville. Business First of Louisville cites anonymous sources who say the specialty grocery store chain will make a home in the Shelbyville Road Plaza in St. Matthews. The Courier-Journal says Trader Joe’s is indeed “eyeing” Louisville for a new location. But wait, now the Courier-Journal blog Derby City Cents says it’s not going to happen – at least for two years. Yikes. Chris Otts from the C-J says that the latest on Trader Joe’s is that the store is interested in Louisville; the Derby City Cents post was an older entry. Sorry for the mix up.

  • Kraft has invented a vending machine that scans and analyzes your face to determine what you want to eat, according to Gawker. I can’t decide if this is awesome or creepy.
  • Wal-Mart will lower the amount of unhealthy salts, fats and sugars in its Great Value-brand packaged foods, according to an article in the New York Times. From the article:

The initiative came out of discussions the company has been having with Michelle Obama, the first lady … Aides say it is the first time Mrs. Obama has thrown her support behind the work of a single company.

  • Hillbilly Tea, a previous $10 Challenge site, hosts a knitting group on Sunday nights. Check out Consuming Louisville for more information. The restaurant has wonderful food, and the addition of knitting makes the place even better.