Review: Premium meat from Mattingly worth the investment

A box of meat from Mattingly. Christmas came early?
A box of meat from Mattingly. Christmas came early?

Let’s get the tough part out of the way. This blog post is going to feature expensive meats firmly settled in Treat Yo’ Self territory.

Mattingly Foods – A. Thomas Meats invited me to review a selection of their products – hamburger patties, steaks and pork chops, to be exact. This local operation supplies high-quality meat to restaurants in the region and individual customers on a cut-to-order basis. It was hard to say no to a review request from a company with such deep roots in the city.

Yet, I was torn. The selection of meat from Mattingly is of premium quality with prices that reflect that commitment. Of the meat I sampled, the New York Strip is $13.75 a pound, pork chops are $5.50 per pound, and the hamburger patties are $3.50 per pound.

We’re all regular folks, here. You know and I know that the prices made us gulp. But if you’re going to go big, go with Mattingly.

Bringing home Mattingly Meat was like sneaking into the kitchen of my favorite steakhouse, clunking the chef over the head, and stealing slabs of beef from the fridge. My galley kitchen was instantly upgraded when I cooked a New York strip.

New York Strip with peas and mashed potatoes.
New York Strip with peas and mashed potatoes.

The steak cut like velvet, juicing sliding down the glowing pink grains. I only seasoned it with salt and pepper, and that was all that this strip needed.

Pig, meet cow.
Pig, meet cow.

The pork chop was equally succulent, with little fat and lots of tender meat.

A burger from Mattingly meat.
A burger from Mattingly meat.

The hamburgers were juicy and retained their size as the fat cooked off.

So how can you make this price point work?

Stretch out your meat:

  • The hamburger patties I received were SUPER HUGE. I took two of the patties and cooked them with a can of red beans and taco seasoning for burritos.
Beef and red beans.
Beef and red beans.
  • I took the three remaining patties and reshaped them into four smaller burgers.
  • The New York strip was large enough to share between two people, along with a couple of side dishes.
  • Future possibility for the remaining steak: stir fry.

Deciding to spend the money on Mattingly’s selection is hard. Fortunately, Mattingly’s offers a variety of packages and cuts of meat, and they even have a bargain outlet. Treat yo’ self to a belly full of premium protein.

For information on ordering, visit the Mattingly Foods – A. Thomas Meats website

Four reasons why today will rock my glasses off (and maybe yours, too)

  1. It’s my birthday. I’m grateful for another year of growing up and staying on the right side of the dirt.
  2. The Moth StorySLAM is tonight at Headliners Music Hall. Doors open at 7 p.m. Show starts at 8 p.m. Tonight’s theme is “the finish line,” so submit your name before the show starts if you want to tell a story. For more information on how a story slam works, visit The Moth website.
  3. I will celebrate my birthday behind the merch table at The Moth. Yep, I’m selling shirts and taking names (for the mailing list). I love working the merch table. What a perfect way to celebrate.

    My Grind burger from last month’s Moth StorySLAM.
  4. My birthday dinner = a burger from Grind food truck and a bourbon from the bar. Liz and Jesse of Grind will be parked outside Headliners before the show. Beef and veggies patties pair well with liquor, right?

Avocado, bacon and Oreos – the latest fast-food menu additions

It’s hard to avoid fast-food restaurants when there is a barrage of advertising shooting at me on all fronts.

But the media blitz has revealed some interesting developments in fast food. Observe:

The Good – Subway adds avocados to the menu

Photo courtesy of j_silla via Flickr.

I love some avocado slice on a turkey sandwich, and now I can do so at Subway. Avocados are a nutrient-rich food full of vitamins and “good fats.” I’ll have to eat fresh soon.


The Bad: Bacon comes to White Castle

Photo courtesy

The new Bacon Cheddar and Bacon Ranch sliders at White Castle are officially the most unhealthy hamburgers in the joint, coming in at 200 and 260 calories and 12 and 18 grams of fat each, respectively. It’s not as bad as some of the chicken and fish items on the menu (don’t look at the nutrition information for the chicken ring sandwich with cheese if you know what’s good for you), but you’re not going to order just one slider at White Castle. Those calories are going to add up quick.


The Ugly: The Cookies and Kreme doughnut at Krispy Kreme

Photo courtesy of Torben Bjorn Hansen via Flickr.

You can view this abomination of a doughnut here under the “Featured Doughnut” heading. Krispy Kreme ruined a perfectly good doughnut and a perfectly good cookie by crumbling an Oreo on top of a classic glazed doughnut. I haven’t tried this creation, and I don’t want to. It’s too much, KK. Far too much.

The $10 Challenge: Dizzy Whizz

I love food because of how it can create and elicit memories.

Every restaurant has significance. Every dish has a story. Every bite has a feeling.

I’ve visited restaurants for the $10 Challenge based upon fond experiences. Moby Dick reminds me of my working, single (at the time) mother coming through the door with her arms full of stained brown paper bags. Annie’s Pizza evokes memories of long discussions about TV and pop culture in the kitchen with my uncle, who would order Annie’s on the nights he babysat me.

This week’s Challenge, Dizzy Whizz, holds those memories for my boyfriend, Rob.

(I gave up trying to come up with a quirky name online moniker for him.)

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