Got an idea for a post or podcast?

I finally got somewhat fancy and dedicated a Gmail account to this blog. 

If you want to give me a shout, just send an email to ashlee [dot] eats [at] gmail [dot] com (did I type that correctly, Internet?).

Here are some things you should send me:

  • Ideas for $10 Challenges 
  • Restaurant news (openings, closings, upgrades, downgrades)
  • Pictures of food (seriously, I’ll marvel at them)
  • Blog post ideas — guest posts included!

Here are some things you should not send me:

  • Naked pictures. Just throwin’ that out there. DON’T GET ANY IDEAS.
  • Anything that will break my computer (viruses and the like)
  • Spam (the email clutter, not the food — the food is acceptable)