Dunkin’ Donuts has a bacon doughnut sandwich. But did Kentucky do it first?

Photo courtesy Dunkin' Donuts.
Photo courtesy Dunkin’ Donuts.

I guess the marriage of bacon and morning pastry at Dunkin’ Donuts was inevitable.

The chain first introduced the Glazed Breakfast Sandwich in April, Eater National reported. But only customers in Massachusetts got to try this sandwich made up of a fried egg and bacon between two glazed doughnuts.

Last week, DD debuted this new breakfast item nationwide, and the internet seems surprised that a restaurant would offer something that just seems so bad yet so good.

But lest we not forget that Kentucky’s been doing this meat-and-doughnut sandwich thing for years.

My donut burger from the 2010 Kentucky State Fair. It should have come with a bottle of Mylanta.
My doughnut burger from the 2010 Kentucky State Fair. It should have come with a bottle of Mylanta.

I think I just finished digesting the doughnut cheeseburger I ate at the 2010 Kentucky State Fair. Even though the dish was pretty tasty, I don’t know if I have the gumption to eat another one this decade. But I’m willing to give DD’s version a whirl.

I felt the regret 10 minutes later.
I felt the regret 10 minutes later.

Will you try Dunkin’ Donuts’ new doughnut sandwich?

The $10 Challenge: Wild Eggs

Biscuits and gravy at Wild Eggs.

I’ve done quite a few of these Challenges.

In the process, I’ve discovered a few similarities between exceptionally good restaurants in Louisville.

  1. There’s nowhere to park and/or there’s a wait.
  2. The hosts and hostesses don’t wear a uniform and/or they have at least one visible tattoo.
  3. The dishes have catchy names.

If a place has two out of three, some good food is probably coming your way. But when a restaurant has all three … prepare for a foodgasm.

This coveted trifecta was present during a trip to Wild Eggs, a breakfast, brunch and lunch restaurant with several locations throughout Louisville.

My roommates and I had to stalk a woman in a minivan to find a parking spot in the small lot at the Dutchmans Lane locations. The friendly hostess had some impressive ink running up and down her arms. And when we were seated after just a five-minute wait, I squealed when I looked at the menu and saw dishes with names like Batman and Reuben ($11.99) and Sweet Home Apple Bourbon crepes ($9.99).

The signs all pointed to some good eatin’. And let me tell you, good eatin’ was had by all.

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