Dunkin’ Donuts has a bacon doughnut sandwich. But did Kentucky do it first?

Photo courtesy Dunkin' Donuts.
Photo courtesy Dunkin’ Donuts.

I guess the marriage of bacon and morning pastry at Dunkin’ Donuts was inevitable.

The chain first introduced the Glazed Breakfast Sandwich in April, Eater National reported. But only customers in Massachusetts got to try this sandwich made up of a fried egg and bacon between two glazed doughnuts.

Last week, DD debuted this new breakfast item nationwide, and the internet seems surprised that a restaurant would offer something that just seems so bad yet so good.

But lest we not forget that Kentucky’s been doing this meat-and-doughnut sandwich thing for years.

My donut burger from the 2010 Kentucky State Fair. It should have come with a bottle of Mylanta.
My doughnut burger from the 2010 Kentucky State Fair. It should have come with a bottle of Mylanta.

I think I just finished digesting the doughnut cheeseburger I ate at the 2010 Kentucky State Fair. Even though the dish was pretty tasty, I don’t know if I have the gumption to eat another one this decade. But I’m willing to give DD’s version a whirl.

I felt the regret 10 minutes later.
I felt the regret 10 minutes later.

Will you try Dunkin’ Donuts’ new doughnut sandwich?

[Bits and Pieces] Tax-day deals, chopsticks hybrid and other food news from the web, 4.16.12

  • It finally happened. Someone invented a chopsticks/fork hybrid called The Chork. Is this the spork of my era? (The Kitchn)
  • Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has opened its first “Scoop Shop” in Japan in an attempt to sell the frozen dessert as a high-end brand. Can a brand with the flavor “Schweddy Balls” really be considered a luxury brand? (Japan Times)
  • Making a relationship work is tough. Just ask Mike and Ike, the chewy candies in the green box — they broke up. Seriously. (New York Times)
  • Still haven’t done your taxes? Maybe some free (or really cheap) fast food will help you meet the deadline tomorrow. Check out this list of chains offering tax day deals. (Eater National)

[Bits and Pieces] Kosher pets, McDonald’s and other food news from the web, 4.9.12

Photo courtesy joshme17 via Flickr.
  • Are you Jewish? Want your canine companion to keep kosher with you? Check out this list of kosher food suggestions for your dog and other pets. The list was spotted at a New York City pet shop. (New York Times)
  • A bacon reality show is in the works. Somewhere, a PETA member is weeping. (Deadline Hollywood)
  • Five Guys, Smashburger and similar chains are starting to give McDonald’s a reason to worry more about the quality of their product. Now if Five Guys and Smashburger could figure out a way to speed up the burger-making process, they could get McD’s shaking in its boots. (Bloomberg)
  • Here is a collection of fast-food restaurants that also serve alcohol (not necessarily the entire chain, sometimes just special locations). Can you imagine the craziness that would occur at the White Castle at 7th and Broadway if you didn’t even have to drink beforehand? YIKES. (Slate)

[Bits and pieces] The Cinnamon Challenge, Starbucks and other food news from the web, 3.19.12

Cinnamon sticks. Tasty, but not by the spoonful. Photo courtesy of ::nany mata via Flickr.
  • Wait a minute. People are swallowing spoonfuls of cinnamon for kicks now? And videotaping it? Excuse me while I bang my head against my dining room table and weep for humanity. (Wall Street Journal)
  • Starbucks continues to march toward world domination with the opening of its new Evolution Fresh juice store. That sounds delightfully refreshing. (USA Today)
  • Move over, Burger King. Wendy’s is now the second biggest hamburger chain in the United States. It makes since. I only know of two Burger Kings in my general vicinity, but I can find a Wendy’s pretty easily. (Huffington Post)

December is a good month if you love Subway and Qdoba

Here’s a quickie post to get your Friday going.

  • Subway is offering $2 six-inch sandwiches through December for Customer Appreciation Month. Here’s the catch: the deal only applies to the cold cut combo and the meatball sub.
  • Now through Dec. 11, Qdoba restaurants in Louisville and southern Indiana will offer $5 entrees after 5 p.m. You just have to purchase a soft drink.

Got it? Go forth and have a fantastic Friday.

An open letter to U of L students with easy access to great food

University of Louisville students will live within walking distance to Papalino's pizza. Lucky dogs.

Dear University of Louisville students,

Judging by the increased number of people wearing backpacks and jay-walking around the main U of L campus, I take it that classes are back in session. Yay for higher education!

Anyhoo, I need to confess something to all you eager young learners — I am insanely jealous of what you will experience this year. Not in classes, mind you, but in your bellies.

If you haven’t ventured to Cardinal Boulevard between Third and Fourth streets, a new residential/retail space called Cardinal Towne has opened, and with it comes some of the best eatin’ in Louisville.

Let’s begin with some of the local food options located on the bottom floor of Cardinal Towne. If you have a sweet tooth, there’s Comfy Cow ice cream. Then there’s Papalinos if you just want one slice of pizza instead of a whole pie. And for those all-nighters? Heine Brothers coffee. HEINE BROTHERS, for crying out loud. Jimmy John’s and Qdoba are also located in Cardinal Towne. They’re chains, but dang it, they’re good chains.

You students don’t know how good you have it. There’s some great food just ACROSS THE STREET from campus. If I was a U of L student circa now, my Freshman 15 would have turned into a Collegiate 50.

In my day, when I worked at the student newspaper at Western Kentucky University, Subway was the closest place to eat near the office that was opened the latest. It took me two years after graduation before I was able to enjoy Subway again. The staff of the College Heights Herald had no choice but to be on the Subway diet.

I’m envious of you guys. But I will make it a point to make a few visits to Cardinal Boulevard, pretend like I’m an undergrad and have a cup of coffee, slice of pizza and bowl of ice cream. If you spot me, remember to respect your elders and say hi.

Hugs, kisses, Care Bears and rainbows,




Bits and pieces: Happy Meals, colorful cauliflower and other food news from the web, 8.1.11

  • Starting in September, McDonald’s will add a serving of fruit or vegetable and reduce the portion of french fries in Happy Meals. The company is making the changes in response to criticism from health groups and parent organizations about the nutritional value of Happy Meals. When I was a tike, I had a cardboard box full of Happy Meal toys from all the Happy Meals I ate. Yes, I was a chubby kid. (LA Times)
  • A group of scientists say that drinking wine could help prevent sunburn. Like I needed another reason to make a pitcher of sangria. (The Telegraph)
  • One in six people change their order when a fast-food restaurant menu includes calorie count. But folks only reduce their intake by about 44 calories, the equivalent of one McNugget. (MSNBC)
  • A supermarket chain in the United Kingdom is selling cauliflower in colors like purple, yellow and green to get kids to eat more veggies. I don’t care what color you make it — I am a cauliflower hater. Yuck. (Daily Mail)

Bits and pieces: Michelle Obama, Quiznos death watch and other food news from the web, 7.25.11

  • “Our standard supermarket banana, a variety called Cavendish, may be at the brink of disaster.” That is definitely going to mess up my breakfast. (The Scientist)
  • First Lady Michelle Obama is trying to bring more fruits and vegetables to “food deserts” and is working with some big retailers to do so. (NPR)
  • And speaking of healthful living, should the government put a tax on junk food and subsidize produce to get Americans healthy? Food writer Mark Bittman argues that this idea is worth exploring. (New York Times)
  • Looks like business isn’t booming at Quiznos, a sandwich chain with a whole lot of debt. (Gawker)
  • Brooklyn restaurant Do or Dine serves foie gras doughnuts, and people are pissed about it. It just sounds kind of gross to me. (Gawker)

Food Truckus Ruckus, a celebration of the Louisville food truck scene, is tomorrow, June 18

This is going to be a busy weekend for Louisville foodies.

Before you pick up some 25-cent ice cream at Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen, make sure you check out Food Truckus Ruckus.

The Food Truckus Ruckus is an event that will bring together these Louisville food trucks from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at Fresh Start Growers Supply, 1007 E. Jefferson Street. According to the event’s Facebook page, there will be door prizes and live music. Sounds like a good time.

This would be a great time to sample all of the mobile food that Louisville has to offer. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the weather is just as excited about the event as everyone else seems to be.