The $10 Challenge: El Mundo

When the people talk, I listen.

And all the folks who have e-mailed, commented or tweeted about El Mundo had a clear message: this Mexican restaurant is the perfect destination for a $10 Challenge.

So I used my birthday and my roommates’ big hearts (and wallets) as excuses to visit the Frankfort Avenue restaurant.

El Mundo isn’t like most Americanized Mexican places that I’m used to visiting. Gone are the bad murals of haciendas and medleys of Spanish singing over the speakers. Same goes for the identical menus and indistinguishable dishes covered in melted cheese. This restaurant takes traditional Mexican dishes and shakes them down Kentucky-style by infusing food with local ingredients and giving the finger to what people expect from a Mexican restaurant.

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$10 Challenge news and other tidbits on life

I’ve been posting the $10 Challenge on Mondays lately, mainly because that’s all I’ve had time for.

But honestly? Mondays blow.

So this week, the $10 Challenge will return to Fridays. Spoiler alert: I visited El Mundo for this week’s Challenge.

Life continues to be a little crazy. Mad Men has ended for the season, Conan’s back on … oh, yeah, and I’m applying for every job I can find in preparation for my AmeriCorps VISTA year ending in February. Wish me luck.