Bits and Pieces: Maker’s Mark (again), The Next Great Baker and other Louisville food news from the web, 2.18.13

Blogger’s note: I’ve managed to pick up the pieces after last night’s devastating Downton Abbey season finale to write this post — barely.




Down One Bourbon Bar at 321 W. Main Street.
Down One Bourbon Bar at 321 W. Main Street.

[Bits and pieces] Papa John’s, Downton Abbey and other food news from the web, 1.9.12

  • Downton Abbey, my new favorite series about World War I era Britain, premiered Sunday night. Here’s an old-school garden cake recipe for my fellow Anglophiles that is appropriate for celebrating the greatness that is this show. (The Kitchn)


  • Speaking of Brits, a pub in South Gosforth, Newcastle, is serving up dog-friendly beer and a roast with cat-flavored gravy. It will do your heart good to look at these pictures. My dog, Roscoe, gives that two paws up. (Daily Mail)



  • The Girl Scouts are at it again, dominating the cookie-peddling market with a new treat called Savannah Smiles. (Huffington Post)


  • A Papa John’s employee in New York identified a customer as “lady chinky eyes.” Not the best idea. (Courier-Journal)