30 things I love about the Kentucky State Fair

1. The rows of food vendors that surround the exhibition center

2. Balancing a corn dog, bottle of water and wallet while obtaining even mustard distribution on the corn dog


3. The sounds of the midway as I approach the entrance

4. The samples of country ham in the West Hall

5. The sorghum samples on pieces of biscuits in the West Hall

6. The rabbits


7. The display boards the Future Farmers of America (FFA) kids put together to present the work they’ve done all year

8. How inadequate I feel when I read that one of the FFA kids made $2,000 from farming their own tobacco

9. The desire to recruit FFA kids to my zombie apocalypse survival team

10. The clothes, art, jewelry and bug displays from members of 4H

11. The rows of quilts entered for competition


12. The homemade miniature houses

13. Funnel cake


14. Lazy cows

15. Miller’s Border Collies, the dogs that herd ducks through a little obstacle course


16. Feeling inspired to teach my dog, Roscoe, a new trick after seeing Miller’s Border Collies

17. Piglets having lunch


18. Catching the weighing of a 1,034-pound pumpkin

19. The commercial exhibit hall in South Wing C where they sell everything from bras to modular homes

20. The booths in South Wing C that sell packets of seasonings and provide dips and pretzel sticks for sampling

21. Seeing a baby chick hatch, look confused, then hang out with its brothers and sisters in the West Hall

22. Getting to the baking contest entries before they start to get moldy

23. The cakes that don’t even look like cakes


24. Crazy-looking birds


25. The Pride of the Counties booths that showcase attractions throughout the counties of Kentucky

26. The sweet smell of roasted nuts that floats throughout the exhibition halls

27. Discovering a new treat, like pineapple whip


28. Not discovering a new treat, like the Krispy Kreme sloppy Joe

29. The 15,000 steps that register on my pedometer after a day at the fair

30. Learning that the state outside Louisville metro city limits is actually pretty neat

Now it’s your turn — what are some of your favorite things about the Kentucky State Fair?

The Kentucky State Fair runs through Sunday, Aug. 25. Visit the fair’s website for more information.