Holy shiitake, I’m writing a book about Louisville diners

Chicken and waffles from Good Ole Jessie's Diner on Dixie Highway, one of the subjects of the book.
Chicken and waffles from Good Ole Jessie’s Diner on Dixie Highway, one of the subjects of the book.

Everyone expects any announcement of big news to center around a pregnancy when you’re a woman of childbearing age. There are no buns in my oven at this time, but I do have news.

I’m writing my first book, and I have a publisher.

*throws confetti*

*swings pants around my head*

*Carlton dances*

Between eating and writing, I’ve missed talking to you guys on the blog. Ashlee Eats is where I feel the most comfortable. I get to share news about food and detail my own dining and cooking experiences. This blog has also given me a reason to have fun, whether it’s going to the Trader Joe’s opening or eating a doughnut burger. Most of all, everyone reading this has given me the confidence and support to turn a hobby into a book. I thought I was done with writing after I left the newspaper business. You made me realize that the writing part of my life wasn’t over. Thank you for reading for these four years.

Now, enough with the mush. Let’s talk about the book.

History Press is publishing my book, which will receive a proper name later. This book is about Louisville diners and where they fit in the Louisville culinary landscape. I’ve talked to fellow food writers and people in Louisville about the joy of the greasy spoon (a term I use with love). I’ve learned more about the city than I ever thought I would. And I’ve eaten a lot of biscuits and gravy and, subsequently, taken a lot of post-dinner naps. You can check out some of the subjects of the book on my Instagram account.

I’m not sure when the book will come out. Trust me, I’ll tell you as soon as I know. In the meantime (NAME DROP AND PROMO ALERT), check out fellow food writer Steve Coomes’ new book, Country Ham: A Southern Tradition of Hogs, Salt and Smoke, also from History Press.

I’ll pop in here more to deliver more handy-dandy food news and quips. I pinky promise. And if a bun should start rising in my Easy Bake Oven, I’ll let you know.