Bits and Pieces: Comfy Cow, Havana Rumba and other Louisville food news for the web, 2.25.13


  • The owners of Comfy Cow plan to expand their ice cream shop by franchising in the region. As a fan of their seasonal sweet potato casserole ice cream, I approve wholeheartedly. (Business First of Louisville, Insider Louisville)
  • Taco Punk, the NuLu restaurant Mexican restaurant that launched a Kickstarter campaign, did not reach its $20,000 fundraising goal. No word on what’s next for the restaurant. (Eater Louisville)


  • More official news about Havana Rumba‘s new “express” concept restaurant. Havana Rumba Express & Tapas Bar will open in Douglass Loop at 2210 Bardstown Road in the space formerly occupied by Desserts by Helen and Mucho Queso. Owners are still in the planning stages, but this is an opening worth keeping an eye on. (Consuming Louisville)
  • New coffee shop alert: Kaelin’s Coffeehouse, 1801 Newburg Road. (Consuming Louisville)
  • A Detroit-style pizza parlor called Loui Loui’s will open in Jeffersontown next month at the former Ferd Grisanti’s building, 10212 Taylorsville Road. Check out Insider Louisville’s article for more information about this style of the popular dish. (Insider Louisville)

The downtown Vint Coffee shops are now Heine Brothers’, and they’re giving away coffee Wednesday

Ahh, a good cup of coffee.
Ahh, a good cup of coffee.

Well, color me surprised.

The Vint Coffee location I often visit at 516 W. Main Street next to Humana HQ has turned into a Heine Brothers’ coffeehouse. Ditto at the Vint location at 462 S. Fourth Street.

I was two seconds from being super confused until I remembered that this replacement had been in the works for months.

Heine and Vint announced that they were merging back in November 2011. As of Monday, the two downtown Vint locations carry the Heine Brothers’ name, Insider Louisville reports. The Frankfort Avenue Vint will stay the same.

To mark the occasion, the downtown Heine Brothers’ locations will offer buy one, get one free coffee on Wednesday, Jan. 9. I’ll drink to that.

5 reasons to visit Please & Thank You, the coffee shop/record store hybrid

Working in coffee shops around Louisville was the best thing about being unemployed.

You recall seeing black woman, black frame glasses, twentysomething-ish, posted up at a table for two, fumbling through a navy blue messenger bag, typing away at worn MacBook? Yep, that was me, surviving on refills and free wifi.

A visit to a coffeehouse was the highlight of my days, which had become filled with wedding planning and job hunting. This was the time I had all to myself to blog, journal and fart around on the Internet.

I became sort of a floozy when it came to which shop to visit. I tried them all. But one quickly became my favorite: Please & Thank You.

Here are six five reasons why you should make a visit to this coffee shop, located at 800 E. Market St. in downtown Louisville:

1. Wrap your mind around Please & Thank You’s concept: coffeehouse/music store. And not just any music store — they sell vinyl, the cornerstone of every hipster/twentysomething/music lover’s collection. On my first visit, it took me less than five minutes to find and buy the album Guess Who’s Comin’ to the Crib? by the 80s R&B group Full Force. Not familiar? Observe this gem:


2. Good coffee and good things to put in it. Want cream with your coffee? A barista will hand you an opaque jug from a fridge behind the counter. If brown sugar cubes are your preference, they have those, too. Don’t worry — Splenda and the like is available, too.

3. With a prime location on East Market in the NuLu district, you’re cool just walking in there. I have never been mistaken for someone who is “with it.” Somehow, I manage to feel not as square when I’m in Please & Thank You. I’m on board with where the cool people of Louisville are hanging out.

4. They support The Paper. I’ve had a few articles in the newest addition to Louisville media. They’re readily available at Please & Thank You. ‘Nuff said. (Blogger’s note: The Paper is no longer available here. Sorry for any confusion.)

5. The coffee shop uses social media — well. If you follow Please & Thank You on Twitter, you can
easily find out what the fine employees are serving up for the day. The shop also shares its latest news on Facebook.

6. The pastries = THE BUSINESS. If you’re around me long enough, you will eventually hear me refer to something (usually food) as THE BUSINESS. This is a great compliment that can only be expressed in all caps. It’s also the only way I can describe my love for the baked goods at Please & Thank You. Observe: