Run to Aldi to get some gourmet cheeses and other fun food for the New Year

Still have some entertaining left to do? Need to bring some goodies to the office? Or do you just have a bone-crushing love of cheese but a disproportionate budget?

Get your butt to one of my favorite stores, Aldi.

For the past few weeks, the discount grocery chain has busted out seasonal specials. These are foodstuffs that Aldi holds back until special occasions, kind of like nice china or lacy underwear.

Anyhoo, with the year drawing to a close, I expect that these items will disappear, along with bundles of ugly Christmas sweaters, until next holiday season, so it’s time to stock up.

A big portion of their winter seasonal items is made up of “gourmet” cheeses. I’m sure there are cheese snobs out there who will turn their noses up at discount dairy, but I can’t turn down 4-ounce logs of goat cheese for $1.99 (in fact, I bought three logs during one visit). Here are some other items on sale:

  • Brie or havarti cheese: $2.99
  • A box of six-cracker assortment: $2.49
  • Brown-and-serve rolls: 99 cents
  • Red or green sprinkles: 99 cents
  • Queen Anne’s Chocolate-Covered Cherries: $1.19
  • Golden raisins: $2.29

For a complete list of seasonal sales, click here.


Still shopping? Take a peek at these last-minute, food-centric gift ideas

Don’t lie – you still have some Christmas shopping left to do.

Maybe you got caught up in an America’s Next Top Model marathon. It’s happened to the best of us. But now you have four days until you exchange gifts with your loved ones.

I’ve collected a few sites that make good recommendations on food-related presents. Good luck, and godspeed.

 Books: Let’s promote literacy this holiday season, shall we?

  • Food and drink books for the holidays from Epicurious
  • Another holiday book guide from Smithsonian Magazine’s blog
  • A list of some books I’d like – just throwin’ that out there

Gift cards: The gift that takes the burden of choice away from the buyer

Food: Because when you’re broke, there’s nothing more cost-effective than making a gift from the heart

  • NPR has a list of recipes for homemade candy
  • The St. Petersburg Times publishes an annual list of cookie recipes that make great presents
  • All Recipes provides tips on cooking and baking for gift-giving