Time to stock up on $2 wine – Trader Joe’s is officially coming to Louisville

It’s official. Trader Joe’s is coming to Louisville this year.

Business First of Louisville and the Courier-Journal reported Thursday that the grocery store chain will make a home in St. Matthews in the Shelbyville Road Plaza.

Now, excuse me while I do my happy dance:

Why am I so excited? I was exposed to the wonder that is Trader Joe’s during my time in D.C. and on mini road trips to Cincinnati. Here are some things I like about this retailer:

  1. The store stocks great tasting food that includes lots of organic options.
  2. The prices are SUPER reasonable.
  3. There is a wide variety of cheap wines, including the famous $2 Charles Shaw, aka “Two Buck Chuck” (I’m not too crazy about Chuck, but lots of folks are).
It seems like a lot of people are as excited as I am that Trader Joe’s is making a home in Louisville. What part of this chain’s offerings are you the most excited about?

So Trader Joe’s is coming to Louisville?

The Big Guy must listen to my food prayers.

Signs are pointing to “yes” that Trader Joe’s is coming to Louisville.

The quirky grocery chain loved by hipsters and health nuts “intends to apply for licenses to sell beer and liquor at 4600 Shelbyville Road – the Shelbyville Road Plaza in St. Matthews – by June 1,” according to the Courier-Journal. And Business First seems pretty certain about the store’s arrival.

The Powers That Be still aren’t confirming that the store will definitely make a home in Louisville, but this is obviously a step in that direction.

The news made me do a happy dance. But one complaint – can we get a nice store like Trader Joe’s in a different part of the city? Gas is expensive, yet I have to burn a quarter tank just to do some decent shopping in Louisville. /end rant