Make Kentucky proud by voting for Ale-8 as the best Southern soda

Fact: There is a magazine called “Garden and Gun.”

Another fact: The publication is conducting a poll to see what Southern soda (or soft drink, or pop) is the best, and a Kentucky favorite is in the running.

Yep, Ale-8-One out of Winchester, Ky., is one of the choices for this poll. For the sake of full disclosure, I’m not too crazy about the soft drink, but I know plenty of folks who are, and I’m all for supporting Kentucky products, so I’ll cast my vote here.

You should do the same.

The magazine will announce the winner Friday on its Facebook page, so you don’t have much time. Get to it.

Bits and pieces: Google recipe search, military mess halls and other food news from the web, 2.28.11


  • Military mess halls provide hearty, down-home meals for the men and women serving our country. Unfortunately, many of the food options are unhealthy and can do more harm to our troops than good. (Slate)
  • Under the “Can’t Make These Things Up” file, a British ice cream parlor is offering breast milk ice cream. It’s called “Baby Gaga.” (Reuters)
  • Ale-8-One, a Kentucky-brewed soft drink, will offer a caffeine-free version of the beverage. I was introduced to this drink when I covered news in Winchester, Ky., where Ale-8 is based. I’m not a fan, but lots of folks are. (Courier-Journal)