Louisville Diners


Holy crap, I wrote a book called Louisville Diners. I wanted to call it The Most Difficult Project I’ve Ever Undertaken, but the publisher didn’t think that title would sell, for some reason.

The book is, well, about Louisville diners (the places, not the people). I profile some of my favorite down-home restaurants in the city, interview fellow food writers and provide some tips on how to enjoy your own Louisville diner experience.

History Press is the company that made this book happen. They were even nice enough to write this little blurb about Louisville Diners:

Explore Louisville’s tasty offerings with local food writer Ashlee Clark Thompson as she surveys the city’s impressive variety of greasy spoons from the Highlands to the West End and everywhere in between.

Louisville Diners is available now! You can buy the book online or in retailers around Louisville.

I will keep this page updated with news and events pertaining to Louisville Diners and a list of locations where the book is available. Thank you so much for your support!


Louisville Diners is available at the following locations:

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