Kroger ClickList will change the way you grocery shop

Thank you, Lisa. You made my week.

Remember how I gushed that Kroger ClickList inspired me to get back on here?

Let’s get back to that real quick, Q&A style.


What’s Kroger ClickList?

Short answer: Game changer.

Long answer: It’s the grocery store’s online ordering and pickup service. You order groceries online, and go pick them up at select Kroger stores.

How does it work?

Easy peasy, that’s how. After you sign up online, you grocery shop on Kroger’s ClickList website. You can shop by category if you want to browse, or you can search for specific products if you know exactly what you want. You can also see what’s on sale that week and apply digital coupons. As you select the items that you want, the site creates a running list.

At some point, you have to select a pick-up date and time to get your groceries. You can schedule your pickup for up to a week in advance. The times are separated into hour-long blocks during which you can pick up your stuff.

When it’s time for pickup, you find the designated ClickList parking spaces (I felt very much like a VIP) and call the number that’s on the parking space sign. A couple of Kroger employees will come out, and run through your order to let you know if they were out of a product and had to make substitutions. You give them your card, they give it a swipe, and BOOM, they’re loading your groceries into you car.

No stalking fellow shoppers for a parking space. No maneuvering a cart through throngs of people on a crowded Saturday. No standing in line. No fumbling with coupons.

Like I said, easy peasy.


Are there drawbacks?

Well, Mx. Rain on My Parade, I guess there are a few.

  • You have to use your debit or credit card — no cash or check. And ClickList doesn’t accept WIC and SNAP for payment, either.
  • There’s a service charge of about $6. Kroger waives the fee the first few times you use it.
  • You rely on someone else to pick your produce, which is a trust fall you might not be willing to make with an unknown Kroger employee.
  • You can’t make an order and pick it up the same day — you have to order at least a day in advance. In the age of Amazon Prime same-day delivery, this jarred my I-need-it-right-now-dammit-this-is-America mindset.
  • And speaking of produce, you have to be VERY specific with how much you want. You can add special instructions with each product you select for your list — this is where you’d say that you want six bananas or three pounds of onions. Just make sure that your instructions are crystal clear. For example, I ordered shallots, and put “two” in the instructions. When I got home, I had two pounds of shallots (by the way, anybody need a shallot?). And one of my friends (hey, Katie!) had to make a return trip to Kroger when she got home and discovered that they had given her 40 limes.
  • ClickList spots can take up valuable space if you’re at a Kroger with a small parking lot. We can all agree that Louisville Kroger parking lots are already THE WORST.


You’ve found a lot of stuff to not like about ClickList. Why are you so in love with it, again?

Why you gotta be so negative?


*cues another bulleted list*

  • It’s convenient. Listen, I love grocery shopping as much as the next food-loving gal. But some days, I just don’t have time to grocery shop. Kroger ClickList helps me save a lot of time when I know it’s going to be a busy week.
  • THEY PUT THE GROCERIES IN YOUR CAR FOR YOU. Yes, I realize I have to bring them in when I get home, BUT STILL.
  • This can be a big help to folks who can’t make it around the store easily.
  • I didn’t stray from my grocery list. There weren’t any flashy displays or ice cream aisles to distract me while I shopped. I went down my grocery list, selected what I wanted and avoided a lot of temptation.
  • It was easier to stay on budget. It’s hard to keep a running tally of what you’ll spend while you’re shopping in the store. With ClickList, I see right away how much the groceries will cost, and I can make adjustments or switch out products if I need to.


Is Kroger paying you to say all this?

NOPE. I just like the service. It could use some improvements, especially when it comes to taking WIC and SNAP, but I see this as a great tool for busy folks, people with disabilities, older adults and anybody who just doesn’t feel like fooling with Kroger.

Has anybody else adopted Kroger ClickList as their preferred way to grocery shop? Take it to the comments.



2 thoughts on “Kroger ClickList will change the way you grocery shop

  1. I’m a transplant and my favorite store back where I lived, a company Kroger recently bought, had grocery pick up. I loved it! I waited on pins and needles for Kroger to start.

    I definitely use Click List, but I really wish they’d get better at some things quickly. In honor of your bulleted lists:
    1. Allow monthly or yearly subscriptions to pickup. I don’t like paying per transaction when I really want to do this all the time.
    2. Pack the groceries better. There shouldn’t be 8 bags for 10 items. I have too often unpacked my groceries to have more than one bag contain a single item.
    3. Update the website. The search capabilities are less than stellar and it would be better if they could restrict items that they don’t have or are out of stock long term from showing up.

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