The Post livens up Germantown with quality pizza

The Post in Germantown.
The Post in Germantown.

Germantown is a fascinating part of Louisville where neighborhood staples live alongside an influx of new development and business. Developers will transform the Goss Avenue Antique Mall into Germantown Mill Lofts. An onslaught of young people have taken advantage of affordable housing and share sidewalks with folks who have been here for a generation or two. The collision of new and old is most evident in neighborhood’s restaurants.

My friends Susie and Sam split a pizza. I went rogue and bought the slice of the day.
My friends Susie and Sam split a pizza. I went rogue and bought the slice of the day.

The Post is the latest addition to the Germantown dining scene. This restaurant serves New York-style pizza with an array of thoughtful topping combos on top of a crisp yet bendable crust. There are also subs, salads and calzones if you want something a little different. And if you’re into grown-up drinks, there’s a full bar with a robust selection of drafts.

The Post embraces Germantown history while adding a new flair to the neighborhood, which will hopefully bode well for this business’s future in the area. Check out food writer Steve Coomes’ overview of The Post in Insider Louisville:

Owners Nash and Laura Neely have worked for the better part of a year to convert the aged VFW Post on Goss Avenue into a neighborhood pizzeria that, in theme, acknowledged its initial reason for being, albeit subtly. Outside of a lone American flag hanging in the dining room, there’s no military décor, but the menu is replete with wartime themes and names: The Allies is a topped with pepperoni, sausage, ham and bacon, while the Victory Garden is a veggie fest with artichokes, olives, sundried tomatoes and more. And you have to love the Army Brat, which combines bratwurst, garlic, jalapeno, cheddar, sauerkraut and brown mustard.

These pizzas cost more than your average Papa John’s pie. Pizza prices range from $7.95 for a 12″ cheese pizza to $35.95 for a 20″ pizza called The Victory Garden that comes with green bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives, roasted red peppers, broccoli, spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes and feta cheese. However, costs aren’t so bad if you split the pizza or buy pizza by the slice ($3-$4).

My giant slice which included onion and bacon. Yes, please.
My giant slice which included onion and bacon. Yes, please.

During my first visit, I had the giant slice of the day ($4) and a small caesar salad ($5.45). I spent less than $10, but I probably could’ve gone for another slice. That might be because I can’t stop myself when it comes to pizza, but I digress. The pizza is bendable with a chewy crust with crisp edges. The cheese oozes and is perfectly toasted. This is special-occasion pizza that tastes too delicious to waste on an all-nighter or eaten cold for breakfast. This is pizza worth putting on pants and leaving the house for. The taste and quality will make you understand why it’s worth going for a more expensive pie.

On a recent visit, I noticed a lot of new- and old-school Germantown residents. There were plenty of pairs of young professionals, but there were also a couple of families with kids. The Post offers something to please everyone, from a healthy list of craft beers to $3 big-name domestics, specialty pizzas with delicious toppings and giant slices of just cheese and pepperoni. The dining area is compact and bustling, and you might catch a ball game projected on a wall. Everybody, young and old, hip and square, is jammed together enjoying pizza, which is a pretty fun way to spend an evening in Germantown.


The Post

1045 Goss Ave., Louisville

For more information: The Post’s website and Facebook page


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