Cue the confetti, the $10 Challenge returns today

Holy crap, it’s been a long time since I’ve done a $10 Challenge.

It began as procrastination. Then, working on the book kept me from doing much in my free time, let alone write something that wasn’t related to the manuscript. Then, when I finally did have time, I was intimidated to get back into writing the $10 Challenge because I had been gone for so long. My blogging had become sporadic in the back half of 2014, and I was scared that 1) I had lost my $10 Challenge groove, and b) no one would want to hear what I thought about restaurants in the city anymore. A few weeks away from a blog is like an eternity in internet time. How could I make up for lost time?

The answer was pretty easy. I just had to tell myself to shut my yapper and get back to writing. I’m my own worst enemy, and I had almost talked myself out of doing one of my favorite things — writing about cheap, awesome food. There wasn’t a light-bulb moment, or a contagious “new year, new me” mantra that got me excited to get back to Ashlee Eats.  I decided to write a $10 Challenge because why the heck not?

Now, I am going to change things up a little bit:

  • Originally, the $10 Challenge was a weekly feature. That won’t fly in 2015, thanks to a full-time job and a book (*cough cough PLUG cough cough*) that I’m going to promote the heck out of when it publishes this year (specific date TBD). Instead, I’m going to publish a $10 Challenge bi-weekly on Fridays beginning today. That will keep me accountable to you guys and get me writing (and eating) more often. Everyone wins!
  • Instead of focusing on just one dish that is less than $10, I’m going to try to highlight various options you have at a restaurant. Ideally, restaurants will offer customers more than just a couple of $10 options, and I want to find them.
  • As always, I’ll take suggestions on where you want to me to go. Simply Thai has been a crowd favorite that I’ll get to this year. Just leave comments, holler at me on Twitter or post something on my Facebook page.
  • In the spirit of nostalgia, I will revisit some old $10 Challenges to see if the restaurants are still offering bargains.

What are your $10 Challenge suggestions for the new year?

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