A 5-minute survey helps save money on Kroger gas

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Kroger sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Blogger’s note: I don’t have the actual survey on this blog. You can find the survey printed occasionally at the bottom of your Kroger receipt. I’m just sharing the info that it’s worth taking the survey to get fuel points. For more information from Kroger, click here.)

The Hubs and I have been on our grown-up game. We’ve spent the past several months developing a budget for our household, which means a heck of a lot of staring at receipts. And I’ve discovered gold in these slips of paper.

At the bottom of most receipts, there’s a web address that customers can visit to fill out a survey about their experience. Most retailers, such as Target and Dollar General, will enter you for the chance to win a gift card to the store. But Kroger, dears, offers something a little more tangible — fuel points.

Kroger Plus Card members get 50 fuel points for filling out the survey at the bottom of the Kroger receipt. These fuel points translate into discounts on Kroger gas. You also get fuel points every time you make a Kroger purchase, so filling out the survey gives you a double helping of discounts on gas.

I know this is a ploy by an Evil Corporate Empire to get me to shop at their store. And I have had some legitimate beef with Kroger’s prices. HOWEVA, if I have to shop there for certain items, why not take an extra five minutes to get a discount on gas?

94 thoughts on “A 5-minute survey helps save money on Kroger gas

  1. hey, i did the survey and entered my reward card ID, but my points did not show up. does anyone know how long it takes for the points to show up?

    1. I would like to know the same thing. I have done the survey many times and have yet to see any extra points show up. I’m going to do it again now. This will be the last time I try if it doesn’t work.

  2. I want to say how much I love shopping at krogers because of two woman who work at the krogers on 161 springmill rd. There names are Cathy Atkins and Sharon Denyls. They are excellent employees because of their helpfulness and kindness. I can tell they have alot of concerns in their life because I have seen them when no one is looking but when they stop to help me they treat me as thou I am the only person in the world and all that matters to them at the moment is that I am a happy customer. I hope by writing this they will b taken aside to receive a reward or raise real soon. I strongly feel they deserve it. Thanks so much.

  3. Could not find right survey for 50 fuel points!!!! Need to have a better web site or do not offer!!!!!

    1. I have tried several times to fine out where I am supposed to sign u for fuel points. I go to http://www.krogerfeedback.com just like it tells me to do on my recieptcla and I can not find a survey. I think that if you are going to put this n every receipt you should make it available for your customers, or is this a come to make you think you are getting something that you have no intentions of giving your customers?

      1. Do not need to sign in, they just ask for your Ralphs card # or alternate phone #. Easy, just answer the question and then hit next to complete the survey. STOP BASHING RALPHS, they are a great store and these extra points always help.

  4. I went into the new Kroger store on Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond, VA on June 4 , 2014. I went into this Kroger store for the first time. The décor package and shelf organization were very good. Everything else was “lousy”. This was the worse full service grocery store in which I have ever shopped, including small independent grocery stores..
    1. Went to the deli first to get a custom sandwich, but could not get anyone to wait on us, 2 preps and 1 supervisor were on duty. There were no other waiting customers. Both preps were out front doing other tasks, but would not make eye contact. The supervisor happened to come out of the back and saw us and told one of them to wait on us. She immediately went into the back. Again no eye contact from the front personnel. We waited 3-5 minutes, but no one assisted us.
    2. We left to start our regular shopping for about 20 items. Not being familiar with layout of this particular Kroger I walked in circles looking dumbfounded. I made eye contact with several staffer, but they walked pass me. I decided to asked two employees in the grocery department where several items were located. They did not know, did not help me find them or try to find someone who was more familiar with the store.

    3. I needed to use the men’s room. When I walked in there was diarrhea up and down the wall,5 feet up the wall, and all over the commode-their was a lot of it. It appears to have been there for a while. The urinal, only one, had a sign on it stating “out of order”. This left one commode operatable. I located a manager trainee at the front registers and told him about the level of service, lack there of and about the horrendous condition of the men’s room. He was still standing in the same spot 20 minutes later, I assume failing to contact anyone about the men’s room.

    4. My wife went to check out, but used the self-service. I owned and operated two grocery stores for 20 years and I told her they were slow and seemed unconcerned.
    5. When my wife went to pay she could not get her Kroger card accepted by the scanner. The scan assist person came up to assist her. We put in all of our telephone and cell phone numbers, but it would not accept any of them. The assist person brought my wife a new application. The assist used her store card to get us in the system..

    In this day and time even large box stores are stressing interaction with customers as well as physical assistance. I been in many of your stores in the Richmond area and northern VA area. They were satisfactory.

    I would not return to this store. The store manager was fortunate the health department did not come into the store to inspect, other wise you may have been closed due to the condition of the men’s room.

  5. Iam a long time kroger customer at Dillons @ Harry and Edgemoor. The service is friendly and the prices are competive.

  6. cannot enter for the 50 fuel pt bonus. Where do I find it.??? don’t want to borrow cash or get coupons JUST THE 50 BONUS POINTS. Thanks , Don

  7. every timime i try to gret to the 50 fuel points site i have a problem, it took me over 15 min’s last time. This time no success at all. if you can’t make up a site that’s easier to access, than don’t offer it at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!`

  8. Really fed up trying to find the site for the 50 fuel points. I really think kroger don’ t want us to fine the site so we will just give up and they don’t have to give away the points!!!

  9. I too have trouble finding the right spot to do the survey for the 50 points for fuel. I search and search but I know it’s there somewhere but usually I just go back and start over and type in KROGER SURVEY FOR FUEL POINTS and still didn’t get to where I wanted to be. I’ve found it at other times but it took FOREVER to find it,

  10. I would like to know where I can find the survey for fuel savings where you get 50 points I have not been able to find it.

    1. The survey is in your receipt. It is given randomly so some receipts may not have a survey. When you do get a survey on your receipt it will give you the website address to go to and enter the information from that receipt to verify that you received a survey. You can’t just go to a website and fill out a survey, once again it is given on your kroger receipt randomly.

      1. I have the tell us how we are doing but can not find the site can’t you make it easyer so we can do and not be on line for a half hour…………….

  11. Today Felicity checked me out with my groceries, very professional and helpful.
    Ernie carried my groceries out and helped a lot in emptying my car.
    I am grateful.
    Entry ID :66033623416277348
    Now I’m bugged. I put all info on form and it refused it, twice. I’ve not done this before. Why would I again?

  12. OK, a friend of mine turned me on to this b/c he gets a lot of extra points. Not all receipts give you the survey info, but i found one that had a section called ***** Tell us how we’re doing! **** It has a date and time and an entry code. With that you go to http://www.krogerfeedback.com and do the survey. You have to key in that date, time and entry code. It says you have 7 days to do it (I just did one from 6 weeks ago, and it took it though). You get 50 points, but can only to 1 survey every 7 days. I’ll definitely go for 200 points a month, for sure.

  13. After several attempts to find the survey, I found it but it is grayed out and I ccan’t enter any information. Any suggestions??

  14. I shop at Kroger in Perry, GA. I have been most satisfied with the Produce I have purchased
    The compari tomatoes have been excellent. Debbie was most helpful.

    Irene M. Galya\
    March 17, 2015 at 11:30am

  15. +trying to get the bonus fuel points really sucks. I’ve left this message before and I believe you really don’t want anyone to get the bonus.

  16. I seems a lot of people feel the same way I do about trying to get the bonus fuel points. If you put it on the receipt you should make it simple to find and do. This makes me very angry at Kroger. Thank You

  17. I shop in your store all of the time and everytime that Jody is there she always takes the extra time I say hi to me and is always laughing and smiling. Jane the manager is doing something and stops to say hi to me. I love shopping at this store it is close to my home and the prices are good.

  18. Can’t find the web site to take the survey for 50 bonus points. AND WHAT’S THIS? Last night I spent $7.02 and and got 3 fuel points. The person before me left their receipt…. they spent $5.28 and got 5 bonus points. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT? I also go purchase just under $4.00 quite often ans don.t get points. FACT!!! If I lived close to WinCo I would save real money compared to Smith’s prices. Their bulk coffee is always $3.00/lb. cheaper, their produce is consistently cheaper, Lay’s potato chips are over a $1.00 /bag cheaper. Countless other things too especially the deli meats. $2.00 to $3.00 cheaper per lb. Finally, I think I would have died and gone to Heaven if WinCo were to build a new store in South Ogden. Both my food and GAS expenses would go down, I would live closer to a So. Og. store creating my gas savings.

  19. I am very disappointed in Kroger. I have used the survey to earn 50 gas points and had no problems. Today I tried for over a half hour and a whole lot of nonsense. Yup you guessed I never did get to the correct form. This is so frustrating. Are you not wanting giving the 50 points to people that shop at your store?

  20. 4/4/2015. Unable to complete the survey for the 50 fuel points. All the sites were about customer service and products. Directions need to be clarified and much shorter. Please contact me. After 30 minutes going on all the sites, I gave up. I see other customers had the same problem

  21. I have searched for the place I am to take a survey and got a lot of questions about my health. That is going to get me a bunch of junk I really don’t want. Just wanted to add my feedback about my shopping and the wonderful people that serve me at my friendly Kroger store here in Peoria. And too also get the 50 bonus points for completing the survey. Need a seeing eye dog to get me to that spot. HELP

  22. Why is it so hard to get the fuel points I can never get to the right place I am not that dumb.it makes me want to go back to WALL MART where I WORKED for 14yrs.But I have always been a KROGER customer

  23. I have been taking the survey for sometime and now I am unable to get to the site. The site I have always used seems to possible have some sort of a virus. Please, inform me as to the correct or new site.

  24. I love shopping at Kroger for all my needs as well clothing, you have great clothes & great prices
    Bakery & produce is all ways fresh ,I have no need to go any where else ,It saves me money!

  25. With regard to the “Receipt Survey Reward”. Not all stores are participating. If your receipt has an “entry id:nnn-nnn-nnn-nnn-nnn-nnn” Where nnn is numeric codes for store, district,checkout location,etc. That will be preceded with a line with time of purchase which is preceded by a line with the purchase date. Those are required online to get the 50 fuel points. I don’t believe a purchase is required to enter the sweepstakes or to have ads and coupons mailed to you. Not all receipts have this data. You get one maybe every 6 or 7 days. You can’t report a receipt within 7 days of the previous one. If you time it right and they post your points right away, you can get 200 points a month this way. That is 20¢ off per gallon at Kroger or 10¢ off per gallon at participating Shell stations.
    Now comes the complication. Some say they never get the points. Well, if you do not see your points posted online by 2PM the following day; use the Kroger “contact us” link to email them and let them know. Then, you see the 5 day rule. When you buy groceries they post points right away just as they do when subtracting points after filling your tank. You would think they would be required to post survey points when you submit the survey. When the kind people at “contact us” reply the following day; you will be reminded of the 5 day rule. They have 5 days to post your survey points. Usually you see them the next day after 11 AM EDT. If not and you contact them; the posting time varies, but they usually do get around to it within 5 days. If not, use the other option and call them (not the local store although that works too). That gets action and may get you more than 50 points. The called person does access your data to checkout the facts before awarding anything.
    I regularly get 200 points using the above methods. Critical to submit an online survey the last day of the month. You get points credited to the following month. Points are awarded when they get around to posting them, not when you submit the survey.

    Hope this helps someone

    I have seen much better explanations elsewhere on the web 😉

    1. I find the time since I don’t have a lot of money. Just one site. Takes two minutes. Probably less time than it took you to write your negative, grammatically incorrect comment.

  26. I buy gas at the Brownstown, In. Shell occasionally and sometimes I get the 3 or ten ct discount but half the time it’s turned down. Last week I took my card inside and the clerk was able to do it from there but today the (different) said they weren’t covering it. Guess I’ll quit buying gas there. Also I can’t find a place to complain but I see J-C prices go up EVERY week. A donut is 69 cents today!! Did the new super store stagger the company or where is the cause. Gas is cheap now so can’t blame that. With the largest Aldi store in the chain just across the street it seems you are driving business that way!!!

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