Paula Deen, a podcast and everything I missed during my social media blackout

This has been a crazy couple of weeks. Technically, kind of a crazy year. But let me start in the present.

I’ve been absent or only halfheartedly involved in the interwebs for the past two weeks because I’ve focused on completing my application for grad school. I sent my materials off yesterday (almost 24 hours before the deadline — improvement!).

Applying to grad school is part of my 2013 “if not now, then when?” mindset. This YOLO attitude has left me with:

  • A tattoo

My tattoo. I shall call her... Lulu.

  • The shortest haircut I’ve ever had


  • The gumption to further my education

Since my graduate school application is officially out of my hands, it’s time to channel my anxiety into other useful pursuits, like blogging and cleaning out my inbox (I’m not ignoring you, I promise). Here are some highlights of what’s happened that I haven’t had a chance to properly dish on:

  • Paula Deen lost her damn mindDon’t even get me started. Seriously. I’ve debated sticking my toe into this hot-topic debate, but I tend to want everyone to play nice in the sandbox and not talk about politics, sex and race relations. HOWEVA, I feel very disappointed in her comments and what this says about where we are as a country in terms of empathy and understanding amongst people of different racial backgrounds. *sigh*
  • Mad Men’s sixth season endedThis has nothing to do with food or Louisville. But it was a major event in my life.
  • I have a podcast! I’ll devote a whole post to the podcast this week. The short story is that I’m the host of Deliciously Louisville with Ashlee Eats that you can download at Special thanks to Dan Vonderheide for making this happen.

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