My Favorite Things: The can opener

It looks like I’ll have tomato slices and balsamic vinegar for dinner. Everything I want to really eat is trapped away behind walls of tinplate steel.

I really want to get into those red beans.
I really want to get into those red beans.

My can opener broke. The little wheels refused to stay on track and turned the mouth of the can into a dangerous, jagged accident waiting to happen. I tossed my broken buddy into the trash with barely a thought to this gadget that had helped me eat for almost 10 years. A few days later, I’m beside myself with remorse over how much I took this tool for granted.

English: A modern-type can opener.
Baby, come back. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Canned goods allow me to create inexpensive meals. Canned tomatoes became homemade pasta sauce. A variety of beans become my always-changing Mexi Skillet. And don’t even get me started on the joy of putting some canned tuna on Caesar salad.

Oh, tuna can. I can't get in you!
Oh, tuna can. I can’t get in you!

I can’t have any of these dishes until I make the time to get a can opener, a sturdy one that will carry me through another decade. And this time, I will appreciate all that such a simple instrument gives me.

Now, excuse me. This tomato is waiting.

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