AP Crafters closes, and I weep into my wine glass

Bad things happen when I leave my phone in the car.

First, I find out that I missed out on a sweet Craigslist deal for a set of nightstands ($75! All wood!) because I didn’t text the seller back fast enough. Then, I missed immediately seeing cute pictures of my niece (She’s cuter every day! I might miss a particularly cute moment!). But a handful of mentions on Twitter is what really cut me deep:

How I received some bad news.
How I received some bad news.

AP Crafters Kitchen and Bar is closed?

*Darth Vader voice* NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Eater Louisville had the scoop, and AP Crafters’ website just confirms this sad news.

I saw the signs, but maybe I just couldn’t admit that one of my favorite restaurants was heading for that dusty trail to Restaurant Heaven. The last time I ate there (oh, my gosh, how was I supposed to know it would be my last time?), there was only one other couple in the place, and it was a game night, so the restaurant should’ve been packed. I even saw moving trucks in the parking lot yesterday, but I thought, “Oh, look, they’re getting new furniture.”

I can’t believe AP Crafters is gone. No more pretzel breadsticks. No more gummy bears on the way out. NO MORE BEER CHEESE BURGER.

*Shakes fist toward the heavens*

If anyone has any answers for this loss or remembrances, please take it to the comments. I need to drink this wine and hold Roscoe tight. And remember, keep your phone on you at all times, or your favorite restaurant gets it.

5 thoughts on “AP Crafters closes, and I weep into my wine glass

  1. It closed because the owners were as broke as can be. Bills such as Insight, LGE and GFS were always outstanding and frequent disconnection/no delivery notices were recieved. Their purveyors that delivered specialty items were not paid as well. In the less than two years that AP operated they went through 4 General managers and 5 head chefs. The management team was criminally overworked, and offensively underpaid. They only cared about the money in their pocket and no respect was given to the people who actually worked in the restaurant. It must be said that this is the same man who conceived Boombozz pizza; yet the only store he still owns in Louisville is the Frankfort avenue store, the rest are franchised out. They also own the bar/restaurant on Main Street called Manny & Merle. This “establishment” has been open for business since late November of 2012 and yet they are on their third General Manager, 3rd Head Chef, and the hourly turnover rate is more than 100%.
    If this is not enough to deter you, AP Crafters operated for an entire day without running hot water. The consensus among the two owners was that it would cost more to close down for the day than it would be to take any hit associated with the health dept fining them or finding out.
    In closing, watch out for the Porsche Cayenne driving home on Friday and Saturday nights from downtown; the man has no problems emptying 2 bottles of grey goose vodka and then driving home.

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