What restaurant should replace Lynn’s Paradise Cafe?


March 19, 2013 by Ashlee Clark Thompson

The scuttlebutt about Lynn’s Paradise Café just keeps churning.

The latest news about this now-defunct Louisville restaurant staple is that the owner, Lynn Winter, wants to sell the restaurant, the Courier-Journal reports (click here for more background on the closing).

Winter said she is “going to be really picky” about who she sells the café to. Fortunately, I’m not picky. Nor do I have a stake in this fight. That means I can spout off a list of what I would like to see go into this prime real estate at 984 Barret Avenue:

  • Guaca Mole. This restaurant has become my new favorite place to eat.
    Chicken molé with plantains at Guaca Mole.

    Chicken molé with plantains at Guaca Mole.

    Fortunately for me, this Mexican restaurant is located in the East End. Unfortunately for everyone else, it’s only located in the East End. A Guaca Mole outpost in the Highlands would fare well.

  • Wild Eggs. My love of this breakfast/lunch spot runs deep. Putting a Wild Eggs branch in this location would give post-Derby revelers an affordable, great place to brunch.
  • A soul food restaurant. And not one of those fancy soul food restaurants where a plate of grits costs $12. I’m talking about a place with a Kool-Aid of the Day (a real item at a Las Vegas restaurant I visited once), cornbread made in cast iron skillets, collared greens cooked in pork fat, and a “meat and three” special that only costs about $8.
  • A barbecue joint. Because you can never go wrong with barbecue. Scientists have proven it. Give me some pulled pork, crispy coleslaw and baked beans, and I’m in heaven.
  • A 24-hour bakery with delivery services to the greater Louisville area. A woman can dream, can’t she?

What restaurant (real or imagined) do you think should replace Lynn’s Paradise Café?

3 thoughts on “What restaurant should replace Lynn’s Paradise Cafe?

  1. Loren says:

    My vote is for a ‘Smoketown USA’ or maybe ‘FABD’ to open up in that location.
    But a wild eggs would be pretty awesome as well.
    I’m hoping for anything that isn’t a ‘gastro-pub’ personally.

  2. Jenn says:

    I would love a good salad place. Something along the lines of http://www.tendergreensfood.com/
    In a town full of excellent dining options, an excellent salad place seems like something we are missing.

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