Louisville tops a list of American travel destinations. So where should tourists eat?


December 6, 2012 by Ashlee Clark Thompson

Photo courtesy The Pug Father via Flickr.

Photo courtesy The Pug Father via Flickr.

The Louisville internets were abuzz yesterday with news that travel publication Lonely Planet named our fair city as the top US travel destination.

Here’s a blurb:

Could it be that the new Portland is in… Kentucky? Louisville has asserted itself as a lively, offbeat cultural mecca on the Ohio River. New Louisville, also known as the East Market District or NuLu, features converted warehouses used as local breweries, antique shops and the city’s coolest restaurants. On Bardstown Rd in the Highlands you’ll find a hipster strip of shops and bars, not to mention many ‘Keep Louisville Weird’ stickers.

The article goes on to praise all things bourbon and, of course, the Kentucky Derby.

Let’s say that readers take Lonely Planet’s advice and flock to Louisville in the coming months. Let’s say you run into one of these tourists, and he or she is looking for a restaurant to have one good meal.

To what Louisville restaurant would you send a hungry tourist?

Take it to the comments!

4 thoughts on “Louisville tops a list of American travel destinations. So where should tourists eat?

  1. RonROn says:

    Depending on their preferences, the order would probably be Lynn’s (which is the first place all tourists I know want to go anyway), Eiderdown, Hammerheads, Blind Pig, Bunz, Quills for a coffee drink, PnTY for another coffee drink, breakfast at Toast on Market or North End Cafe… really, anywhere. This is a serious eating town.

  2. Liz says:

    Of course my first though it to say Grind (shame on you, Ron haha). Eiderdown, Mayan Cafe, Proof, Please & Thank You, El Mundo…I’m sure I left some people out but if you eat somewhere terrible in Louisville you’re have to really be trying.

  3. greendrv says:

    Add Garage Bar to the list – outdoor ping pong & car crash art installation

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