Stop by #FaceTimeLou at The Silver Dollar to meet new friends

My social circle was teeny when I moved back to Louisville two years ago. I had my friends from high school, my family and my then-boyfriend (now husband). 

I branched out and attended “Tweet-ups” like Let Them Tweet Cake. I met a lot of new people and have since made some great friends. A similar event will take place this Thursday.

#FaceTimeLou, a chance to meet Louisville and southern Indiana folks you might know from Twitter, will happen at 6 p.m. at The Silver Dollar. Here’s some info from one of the organizers, Alex Porter:

We started this as a fun, laid back way to meet and put a face to a name.

I didn’t know if anybody would even show up but they have been.

We had our first one in February, second in May and the third is on Thursday.

It’s been a big hit and I think one of the main reasons is because there isn’t any strings attached. We aren’t selling anything, no boring powerpoint to sit through.

Also, our core value is to not leave anybody out, so everyone is invited.

Here’s a poster of some people you might know from Twitter who will be hanging out. Stop by and say hi.


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