Verdict on new BoomBozz pizza: Delicious

Chicken sausage peppadew pizza from Boombozz.

Boombozz, a Louisville-based pizza restaurant, debuted its new pizza in the best way. The restaurant gave it away.

On Labor Day, the first 50 customers at the restaurant’s Westport Village, Bardstown Road and Frankfort Avenue locations received a free medium Chicken Sausage Peppadew pizza.

I live across the street from one of these locations. So guess who was the 10th person to get a free pizza Monday?

This is what comes on the pizza:

  • Chicken sausage blended with fresh garlic and roasted peppers
  • Peppadew, a South African pepper
  • Red onions
  • Mozzarella
  • Goat cheese

The peppadew is very sweet and mild compared to its hotter cousins. This red pepper balanced well with the bite of the red onion. The slices of chicken sausage were plentiful, but I think the peppadew might be paired better with a sweeter meat, like ground lamb.

I plan on eating this pizza again. And again. And again. And with large, artisan pizzas that cost less than $20, it’s an affordable dinner/cold breakfast option.


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