Welcome to the new and improved Ashlee Eats

Look around, world. Ashlee Eats has some new clothes and a new attitude.

I present to you a redesigned, revamped and rejuvenated Ashlee Eats.

And what better today to present the fruits of my labor than Labor Day?

Here are highlights of what’s new on the site:

  • New look. I cleaned up the blog with a new layout, logo and background.
  • New and improved posts. Based on reader feedback, I’ve added a couple of new blog features: Treat Yo’ Self, which will feature restaurants or dishes that are a little expensive but worth the splurge; and Louisville Bits and Pieces, which will focus solely on Louisville-related food news. And The $10 Challenge will return on Fridays.
  • New Facebook page. I’ve created a Facebook page for Ashlee Eats to share information about Louisville restaurants, ways to save money and anything else that doesn’t make it to the blog. Be a pal and like my Facebook page?
  • New ways to contact me. I’m on Instagram, Pinterest and a couple of other social networks. Click here to find out how to reach me.

Once again, thanks for bearing with me. Now, on to the food!

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