Proof on Main welcomes its new executive chef, Levon Wallace, during open house

Vegetarian tostadas at Proof on Main.

Food news doesn’t stop just because I’m tabulating survey results and trying to make the blog fancy.

Take, for instance, the invitation I got last week for a media open house at Proof on Main (the restaurant inside 21c Museum Hotel) to meet the restaurant’s new executive chef, Levon Wallace.

I could have skipped the event and used my time to finish the design of my new logo. But what fun is that?

I took a break from my computer and headed to Proof on Main. I met some fellow food writers, chatted with the former and current executive chef, and ate some tasty samples from Proof’s menu.

Chicken wings at Proof on Main.

Chef Michael Paley, who led Proof for six years, is headed to Cincinnati to be the executive chef of Metropole, the restaurant in the new 21c Museum Hotel in that city. Metropole will be centered around a hearth and have a warm, earthy vibe with food to match, Paley said. He said the atmosphere will be somewhere between Proof and Garage Bar, a wood-oven pizza joint Paley opened about a year ago in the East Market district.

Chef Levon Wallace whipped out platters of hors d’oeuvres that kept me busy munching. There were the sliders with a bacon marmalade, lamb tostadas with a cherry sauce, and fancy hushpuppies filled with fish. YUMS.

Fancy hushpuppies at Proof on Main.

Wallace was pretty busy cooking and mingling, but I got a couple of minutes with him. He said he’s excited to be in Louisville and that this is a great food city. Wallace also said he reads Ashlee Eats. When he told me that, I did a happy dance inside.

Here are some stray observations of the open house:

  • I was the first person to get to the private dining room where the event took place. As one of the 21c employees said, “Well, somebody’s gotta be first.” Indeed, sir.
  • Yesterday was the first time anyone ever asked if I preferred still or sparkling water. Fancy.
  • To be an executive chef, you need a minimum of five tattoos. Both Paley and Wallace sport extensive ink.
  • Mingling is not my strong suit. Nor is keeping my mouth closed when I chew. Sorry, fellow food media folks.

And if you want to go to Proof on Main:

Proof on Main

702 W. Main Street

Louisville, KY 40202

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