Read the results of the Ashlee Eats survey

Thank you to everyone who took the time to take the Ashlee Eats Improvement Survey.

Forty-eight people participated and left thoughtful feedback. I am sincerely touched by the kind, honest responses I received. You guys are awesome.

I randomly selected a winner (I used, very scientific) who will receive two mugs courtesy of Sunergos Coffee. I just heard back from her — congratulations, Rachel of Iroquois Park!

Here is a breakdown of the questions and the top two responses for each (results provided by SurveyMonkey):

1. How did you first learn about the blog Ashlee Eats?

Another blog — 39.6%

Twitter — 20.8%

2. How often do you read Ashlee Eats in a typical week?

1-2 — 66.7%

3-4 — 16.7%

3. When do you typically read Ashlee Eats?

Varies — 45.8%

During work — 25% (Aww, I’m telling your boss!)

4. How do you get to the blog?

Google Reader or other aggregator — 43.8%

Links on Twitter — 22.9%

5. What is your favorite regular feature on Ashlee Eats?

$10 Challenge — 76.1% (I hear you loud and clear on this one, folks.)

Reviews — 19.6%

6. What features would you like to see more of on the blog? (You can pick more than one answer) (I’ll list the top four responses since there were so many choices.)

More restaurant reviews/$10 Challenges — 78.3%

News about Louisville restaurants — 50%

Posts about sales, discounts and food specials in Louisville — 47.8%

More pictures — 21.7%

7. Why do you read Ashlee Eats? (You can pick more than one answer)

To learn more about Louisville restaurants — 80.4%

To get tips about eating out on a budget — 60.9%

To get the latest Louisville restaurant/food news — 60.9% (A tie for second. This would never happen in the Olympics.)

8. What’s your favorite Louisville restaurant? (Lots of responses, so here are the restaurants that showed up more than once.)

Papalino’s Pizza

Simply Thai

Mayan Cafe

WW Cousins

La Que


9. Any additional suggestions/feedback for Ashlee Eats that you’d like to share? (Lots of responses, so here is just a taste of the feedback.)

More blog posts!

Maybe search out the overlooked gems in the city which I think you have had some in the past like the Vietnam Kitchen.

I like the blog posts that provide a narrative as much as they do tips or tricks to navigating the Louisville food scene. The $10 Challenge is my favorite staple of the blog because it tells the story of the restaurant and the experience, as well as information about the menu, cost, location, etc. It has a bit of everything!

Keep up the good work and make sure you’re having fun. When you stop having fun is when it’s not fun for us.

Make this work, so I can prove that it’s possible to be a local blogger and be super-successful.

Guest contributors, I’d be glad to pipe in with reviews…probably others would too…

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