I upgraded my life. The blog had to follow. (Part 2 of 3)

(Blogger’s note: This is the second of three blog posts in which I explain why I will re-launch Ashlee Eats. Read the first entry here.)

I couldn’t focus on food when my car payment was due and I hadn’t had a regular paycheck in months.

I had just lost my job and some of my dignity. I had always attached my identity with my job title, and without it, I was lost.

No identity, no desire to write.

That was me about a year ago — broke, planning a wedding and job hunting.

I started the blog as a fun way to document my adventures in frugal eating, a mission brought on by my one-year stint as an AmeriCorps VISTA with a living stipend and little extra cash.

The year as a volunteer led to a job. Unfortunately, I lost that job in a recession that has rocked my generation’s core.

Suddenly, the blog’s mission wasn’t just a fun experiment — it was how I had to live to make my frayed ends meet. Staying light and upbeat on the interwebs was nearly impossible when I felt so down about my station in life. My posts slowed to a trickle. I told myself I had bigger things to worry about.

Eventually, life started settling into place.

I pulled together a wedding with the help of hot glue, prayer and kind people willing to do favors and offer discounts.

Before I could even hang up my wedding dress, I applied for a job in Corporate America. By the grace of my black interview power suit, I got the job.

And to top off the most eventful six months of my life, the Mister and I moved across town and became surbanites.

My life has changed. So the blog has to as well.

Slowly, my mojo returned. It wasn’t just getting a job or getting married or moving to a nicer neighborhood. It was knowing that I could survive unemployment. That I could survive planning a wedding. That I could survive the adjustment from single gal to married lady. Small feats to some, giant leaps for me.

I think my life has finally reached an oasis. No big changes ahead (at least, I think). And you know what? I miss this place. I miss writing about food. I miss reading what you have to say.

The big things are in place. Time to re-focus on food.

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