Remember when I talked about wanting to settle into my neighborhood?


May 2, 2012 by Ashlee Clark Thompson

I had to eat oatmeal out of a measuring cup this morning because all my bowls are packed.  

You know what that means.

I’m moving — again.
It seems like only a few weeks ago when I wrote with anticipation about how I was moving to the South end, an event that I hoped would squash my nomadic ways. I even wanted Annie Café to become my hometown version of Cheers.

That was my dreams, to truly be beyond my undergraduate years of moving every dozen or so months and get to really know a neighborhood.

My reality, however, was rowdy neighbors. And pets gone rogue that drove Roscoe crazy. And frequent visits to my street by an array of law enforcement officers.

These realities coupled with The Mister’s new gig on the other side of town prompted us to move.

This time, we’re going to St. Matthews.

So this is goodbye to the South end. Bye, Annie Cafe. Bye, Sunergos Coffee. Bye, noisy neighbors.

It’s been real.

5 thoughts on “Remember when I talked about wanting to settle into my neighborhood?

  1. reneev says:

    So glad that you’ll be on our end of town! Yay!

  2. beth says:

    Technically, you’ll be in Lyndon. 😉 Also, I noticed there is a Cafe LouLou in St. Matthews now, which you’re probably aware of.

  3. Welcome to the east end! I know some people hate it but I’ll take my quiet neighborhood over rowdy neighbors and rogue animals any day 😉

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