[Bits and Pieces] Kosher pets, McDonald’s and other food news from the web, 4.9.12

Photo courtesy joshme17 via Flickr.
  • Are you Jewish? Want your canine companion to keep kosher with you? Check out this list of kosher food suggestions for your dog and other pets. The list was spotted at a New York City pet shop. (New York Times)
  • A bacon reality show is in the works. Somewhere, a PETA member is weeping. (Deadline Hollywood)
  • Five Guys, Smashburger and similar chains are starting to give McDonald’s a reason to worry more about the quality of their product. Now if Five Guys and Smashburger could figure out a way to speed up the burger-making process, they could get McD’s shaking in its boots. (Bloomberg)
  • Here is a collection of fast-food restaurants that also serve alcohol (not necessarily the entire chain, sometimes just special locations). Can you imagine the craziness that would occur at the White Castle at 7th and Broadway if you didn’t even have to drink beforehand? YIKES. (Slate)

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