When life gives you hard biscuits, make some hearty stuffing

During the weekend, I had some flour, butter and a lot of time on my hands.

This meant that I had to try the fluffy biscuit recipe from one of my Pinterest boards.

Two hours later, I was left with a double sink full of dough-covered dishes and some dense biscuits.

An accurate depiction of the consistency of my biscuits. Photo courtesy Straaf via Flickr.

I hated to waste food, especially a dozen biscuits that took used three cups of flour and a stick of butter. I considered giving them to Roscoe, but he said he was watching his cholesterol.

Then, I remembered what someone once told me about bad cornbread — a terrible batch can be the base for a great stuffing dish.

I applied that cornbread reasoning to my biscuits. I found a recipe in the Kentucky Fresh Cookbook for a basic stuffing (or dressing, whatever you grew up calling it) and substituted the biscuits for the stale bread. The biscuits, which could have doubled as paper weights, transformed into this:

Stuffing or dressing? I just call it "good."

Don’t give up on a bad dish because it didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Just improvise — and be willing to make a mess.

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