Help a sister out and tell your favorite restaurant about Menu and Hours


February 15, 2012 by Ashlee Clark Thompson

Good news: Michelle Jones got the funding she needed to get the Menu and Hours app up and running.

Less-than-good news: Some restaurants don’t understand why they should have their information on this app.

Let’s do a quick recap: Michelle, aka the mind behind Consuming Louisville, Let Them Tweet Cake and just about anything else awesome, raised money through the website Kickstarter to start development of an iPhone app called Menu and Hours. The name says it all — this app will provide the menu, hours, contact information and location for Louisville restaurants (read more about it here).

But some restaurant owners don’t quite get Menu and Hours, Michelle says.

It seems like there is a bit of suspicion about new technologies and a bit of disbelief that I’m not trying to charge them to participate. When I go in to speak to a restaurant owner that I don’t know there is a wall that comes up. I’m sure they get pitched by salespeople all the time, so their uneasiness speaking to me (not to mention I’m interrupting their already busy day) makes sense but sometimes it’s really hard to breach that wall.

For you supporters who want to see Menu and Hours up and running, don’t get huffy at these restaurants — get friendly. Go to your favorite restaurant and tell them why they should have their menu and hours on a legit app. Send them to this website so they can be included in an app that I strongly believe will help steer Louisville eaters to the best local joints in the city.

Get out there. Make your voices heard. Occupy a table or two. But be nice about it.

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