[Bits and pieces] $100 margarita, chicken-nugget diet and other food news from the web, 1.30.12

Photo courtesy TheCulinaryGeek via Flickr.


  • A restaurant in L.A. has created a $100 margarita. I could have sworn we were in a recession. (LA Weekly)


  • In just a few days, KFC will introduce the Double Down and all its carbs to Japan. In case you forgot, the Double Down is made up of two pieces of chicken with cheese and bacon sandwiched in between. I still think this sandwich is too much of a good thing, but the Japanese poster sure is appealing. (Eater National)


  • True story: A British teenager has eaten nothing but chicken nuggets for 15 years. She also has anemia, breathing problems and swollen veins in her tongue. Where is the adult who should have stopped this madness? (Huffington Post)


  • Check out these amazing pictures and a story about the food of the Occupy movement. It takes some creative and dedicated people to feed the protesters, especially as winter hits. (The Kitchn)


  • I guess your eyes really can be bigger than your stomach. Optical illusions can make a big difference in how much we think we’re eating. Here are some tips on how not to let looks fool you. (NPR)

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