Use the Italian Trifecta to jazz up a $5 pizza from Little Caesars


There are different levels of quality when it comes to ordering restaurant pizza.

The top tier includes all the homegrown Louisville pizzerias with made-to-order pies: Papalinos, Wick’s, Angilo’s, Spinelli’s.

One level down, there are the national chains, which are reliable, but lack a certain zing.

Then there is Little Caesars.

Little Caesars gets a bad rap for its thriftiness. For five bucks, you can walk into the store and grab a large pizza without much of a wait, hence the restaurant’s motto, “Hot and Ready (insert dirty joke here).” Throw in an extra $3, and you can get a meat lover’s pizza.

Now, Little Caesars isn’t gourmet — there’s a little Roman man running all over the boxes, for crying out loud. The pizzas are kind of plain and leave grease spots on the box. But when my husband and I were low on cash but wanted the small thrill of a carry-out pizza, we frequented the Little Caesars less than five minutes from our house.

But here’s how you make that pizza a little more special: the Italian Trifecta.

  1. Crushed red pepper
  2. Italian seasoning blend
  3. Parmesan cheese

I keep these three ingredients on hand to fancify (yep, fancify) a plain Italian-like dish. Little Caesars steps into DiGiorno territory once you sprinkle this magical blend onto a slice. I’ve also used the Italian Trifecta to restore the magic in leftover pasta dishes from other restaurants — and even my mother’s house.

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