Three things I have learned about food and office jobs


I recently started a new job working for The Man. 

It’s only taken me a week to realize that The Man sure loves eatin’.

I work at Humana, the most traditional work environment that I’ve ever been a part of. And these office people love food. LOVE. IT. And I love them for loving food as much as I do.

Here are three observations I’ve made during my week at the company about the role that food plays in corporate America:

  1. Forget breakfast. Lunch is the most important meal of the day. The lunch hour is the glimmer of hope that gets you through the morning and lulls you into a pleasant stupor that lasts the rest of the day. Deliberations begin as early as 10 a.m. with across-the-cubicle rumblings: “Did you bring your lunch today?” “Want to go get something?” “Where should we go today?” “Think Linda will want to come, too?” In less than two hours, a good-sized crew has formed to head out for their midday meal. And you take the full hour. Oh, yes, you take the full hour.
  2. There are always free (and usually unhealthy) goodies to snack on throughout the day. This week, I found myself popping peanut butter M&Ms into my mouth one by one for 10 minutes straight. Why? Because they were there. BECAUSE FOOD IS ALWAYS THERE. I define “there” as a common table in the break room, your supervisor’s desk, or any other slab of space with free food up for grabs. There’s always one co-worker nice enough to bring snacks to share with the office and thwart any intentions you had of eating healthy.
  3. Any occasion is a reason for food. New person on staff? Doughnuts for everybody. Someone’s switching departments? A departure cake in company colors. End of a productive year? Bring in Qdoba for a lunch celebration. This all happened during my first week. In five days, I have eaten more sweets in celebration than I have all holiday season. AND I LOVED IT.

I know some of my readers work in similar settings. What are some observations you have made about food and office jobs?



6 thoughts on “Three things I have learned about food and office jobs

  1. I was sooo lol’in. For the past almost 4 years, I’ve had secret stash drawer in my desk which I keep stocked. From Ramen noodles on my “super-broke-didn’t-bring-my-lunch”-day, to bags of popcorn, granola bars and emergency chocolate candy (for those “PMS-I-hate-everyone-so-don’t-talk-to-me-while-I-eat-my-chocolate” kinda days.) I was nicknamed, “Cookies” at one time becuase you could always find a stash of cookies in my desk. But I am not a sharer…if you raid my drawer there will be consequences. I do however partaker of others goodies brought in. Nothing like a homemade cookie by the coffee maker. As a result I am now a chunker, but I am a well fed, motivated, office working chunker!! lol!

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