[Bits and pieces] PETA, Louisville food trucks and other food news from the web, 11.28.11

Some representatives of PETA nation. Photo courtesy david_shankbone via Flickr.
  • Starbucks is raising coffee prices, yet another reason to buy local coffee. Unless, however, you just HAVE to have your daily fix and a Starbucks is the only thing available. Caffeine addiction is a powerful thing. (Business First of Louisville)
  • Tea + panda poop = world’s most expensive brew. Discuss. (Jezebel)
  • Words like “diet” and “low-calorie” are out for consumers. Instead, folks seem to like less loaded words that tell more about what the product contains, such as “zero” or “smart.” Is this why I love Cherry Coke Zero so much? (New York Daily News)
  • A food truck amendment that will make operating these mobile eateries easier was passed by Louisville metro council. *begins happy dance* (Business First of Louisville)

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