[Bits and pieces] Colonel Sanders, cheese sculpture and other food news from the web, 11.14.11

Me and the Colonel in Laurel County, Ky.


  • KFC plans to release a 200-page manuscript written by the company’s founder, Colonel Harland Sanders. The book, which a KFC employee found while searching through archives, contains the story of Sanders’ life and some of his favorite recipes. I smell a best seller. (Business First of Louisville)
  • Most of the honey we buy in stores really isn’t honey, meaning it doesn’t contain any pollen. Check out the list of stores whose honey tested pollen negative — there are a lot of big-name retailers. (Food Safety News)
  • This lady carves breathtaking sculptures out of cheese. I’m just happy if I don’t break the cracker when I spread a wedge of Happy Cow on a Wheat Thin. (NPR)
  • Pixar has decided to touch my soul and create a Toy Story short centered around the plight of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys, the trinkets I collected as a kid. I had cardboard boxes filled with those things. How did you know my childhood, Pixar, and why are you going to make me feel bad for neglecting those little plastic wonders? (Gizmodo)
  • Want to smell like roast beef (who doesn’t, amirite)? Get some perfume from the company I Hate Perfume. (NPR)

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