[Bits and pieces] Andy Rooney rants, chicken pox lollipops and other food news from the web, 11.7.11

(Blogger’s note: The $10 Challenge will return this Friday. Try to contain your excitement.)


  • Oh, Andy Rooney. My favorite curmudgeon and 60 Minutes staple died Friday at age 92. Rooney is best known for his rants about, well, everything, but check out these clips of him complaining about food and drink. (Eater National)
  • The Girl Scouts will sell lip balm at Claire’s and Wal-Mart in the flavors of the group’s famous cookies. I approve whole-heartedly. (Jezebel)
  • The Simpsons will air a “food celebrity bonanza” episode Nov. 13 featuring animated versions of at least 10 celebrity chefs. The show centers around Marge becoming a food blogger. So is my life now imitating art, or is art imitating life? (Eater National)
  • Dippin’ Dots, an ice cream company based in Paducah, Ky.(!), has filed for bankruptcy. If Dippin’ Dots was the ice cream of the future, things are looking pretty grim. (Best Week Ever)
  • Parents, please don’t mail these lollipops that some kid with chicken pox has already licked. I get that some parents are trying to infect their kids with chicken pox through these lollipops to avoid vaccinations, but this is illegal — and gross. (Associated Press)

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