Bits and pieces: Snoop Dogg, food allergy cure and other food news from the web, 10.17.11


  • An artist in California replaced some cereal boxes in a grocery store with his own take on what the product really mean. As a kid, I couldn’t get enough of the “Sugar Frosted Fat,” aka Frosted Flakes. (Popaganda)
  • A British woman just gave up her Diet Coke addiction. She apparently drank 14 two-liters of the good stuff each week. I guarantee a relapse if Cherry Coke Zero ever hits her lips. (Mail Online)
  • Folks with food allergies: Scientists are closer to finding a way to cure what ails you. (CBS News)
  • Reason #21 why I want to sign any future daughters up for Girl Scouts: The group now has a “Locavore” badge, along with badges for financial literacy and website design. Can I work toward those badges as an adult? (LA Weekly)
  • Rapper Snoop Dogg is obsessed with the world’s largest turnip. This goes under the “Can’t Make This Up” file. (Gawker)

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