Plants, pies and fries: A wrap-up of the 2011 Kentucky State Fair

The Kentucky State Fair is over, and I haz a sad.

This was the second year that my friend Samantha and I visited the Kentucky Fair and Exposition Center (which is actually close to my new digs) to explore the sights and sounds of Kentucky’s finest in agriculture, culinary arts and a bunch of stuff that I can’t categorize.

I also had a delicious treat as voted on by blog readers. I’ll get to that at the end.

First, here is a slice of awesomeness that I got to see at this year’s fair. And yes, I’m easily amused by pretty fruits and veggies.

First-place gourd collection. Who knew there were so many shapes and colors?


A kid made this jacket. A KID. I would buy it in a heartbeat.


A kid also decorated this cake. That’s it, I’m putting all my future children in 4H and FFA and THEY WILL LIKE IT.


Baby chicks, or your chicken dinner in its infant form.


A farmer comes to the fair every year to lead herding demonstrations with his dogs. I think these are the hardest working animals at the fair.


For kicks, I entered into the culinary competition at the fair. I didn’t win anything, but it was neat seeing my food on display (and not yet molded like some other food in the cases).

Here is my entry in the oatmeal cookie category:


Here are the oatmeal cookies that won:


Here is my entry in the muffin category:


And here are the muffins that won:


My dad is convinced that there is a culinary conspiracy within the fair that explains why I didn’t win. God bless him.

Next year, I might enter something into the knitting category. But who could top all these knitted booties — and flip flops?


I also had some good eatin’ at the fair. I had to have a corndog, because that’s just the American way. I wasn’t too happy with the $4 price tag, but it was right out of the fryer and delicious. I washed that down with the french fries, which would have been better if the vendor hadn’t been so stingy with the ketchup packets. I needed at least five, dude. But I forgive you.

I turned to blog readers to decide what kind of fried food confection I should try this year. Fortunately, you all voted for something that wasn’t as scary as fried Kool-Aid or the doughnut burger: fried Derby pie.

I thought the pie would be served as a whole slice that was dipped and battered and served on a stick. Instead, I got four doughnut-hole-like balls covered in a heavy dusting of powdered sugar.


I did, however, skip the bright-red raspberry syrup on top. A girl’s gotta watch her calories where she can, amirite?

These bite-sized balls of fried pie were delicious. Imagine a warm doughnut filled with nuts and gooey chocolate. I don’t think life can get much better than portable pie.

Thank you, readers, for voting for a food I wouldn’t regret eating an hour later. Just remember to take care of me next year.


5 thoughts on “Plants, pies and fries: A wrap-up of the 2011 Kentucky State Fair

  1. Good for you entering your cookies, etc. I’ve been meaning to do it since around 1985, but never have gotten around to it! (Oh, and I love the Fair, too. Have been going since I was a tot in Western KY.)

  2. I’m bummed that I didn’t get a chance to head to the fair this year! That deep-fried Derby pie sounds like a winner though – glad you didn’t fall for the deep-fried Kool-Aid =)

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