An open letter to U of L students with easy access to great food

University of Louisville students will live within walking distance to Papalino's pizza. Lucky dogs.

Dear University of Louisville students,

Judging by the increased number of people wearing backpacks and jay-walking around the main U of L campus, I take it that classes are back in session. Yay for higher education!

Anyhoo, I need to confess something to all you eager young learners — I am insanely jealous of what you will experience this year. Not in classes, mind you, but in your bellies.

If you haven’t ventured to Cardinal Boulevard between Third and Fourth streets, a new residential/retail space called Cardinal Towne has opened, and with it comes some of the best eatin’ in Louisville.

Let’s begin with some of the local food options located on the bottom floor of Cardinal Towne. If you have a sweet tooth, there’s Comfy Cow ice cream. Then there’s Papalinos if you just want one slice of pizza instead of a whole pie. And for those all-nighters? Heine Brothers coffee. HEINE BROTHERS, for crying out loud. Jimmy John’s and Qdoba are also located in Cardinal Towne. They’re chains, but dang it, they’re good chains.

You students don’t know how good you have it. There’s some great food just ACROSS THE STREET from campus. If I was a U of L student circa now, my Freshman 15 would have turned into a Collegiate 50.

In my day, when I worked at the student newspaper at Western Kentucky University, Subway was the closest place to eat near the office that was opened the latest. It took me two years after graduation before I was able to enjoy Subway again. The staff of the College Heights Herald had no choice but to be on the Subway diet.

I’m envious of you guys. But I will make it a point to make a few visits to Cardinal Boulevard, pretend like I’m an undergrad and have a cup of coffee, slice of pizza and bowl of ice cream. If you spot me, remember to respect your elders and say hi.

Hugs, kisses, Care Bears and rainbows,




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