Use a wooden skewer to remove the pits from cherries

Nature's candy? Indeed, my friends.

This is a great time of year to get a pint of delicious cherries. Too bad you have to eat around those lousy pits.

Some folks use a cherry pitter, but you know how I hate those tools that only do one job. I usually pop cherries into my mouth, chew around the middle, then spit out the pit.

This summer, I wanted to enjoy my cherries minus the mess and spit.

I found this blog post from the writers at The Kitchn, who recommend using a chopstick to de-pit a cherry. I don’t have any chopsticks laying around, but I found something similar in my kitchen — wooden skewers.

I have a huge bag of wooden skewers left over from a barbecue kabob recipe from a few years back. The blunt end of a skewer is perfect for removing the pesky pits and enjoying a heap of cherries. Here’s how I MacGyver my skewer/pitter:

  1. Remove the stem of the cherry.
  2. Take the blunt end of the skewer and push it through the cherry. Use the spot where you took out the stem as a guide.
That’s it. Pretty easy. Have a couple of small bowls handy — one for pits and one for cherries. It can get a bit messy, so put down some paper towels. I like my cherries plain or thrown in some yogurt or sangria. What’s your favorite way to enjoy pit-free cherries?

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