In a Harry Potter depression? Cook up some wizard-worthy treats to get by

I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself once I see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Part 2, or HP7II, as I refer to it.

Four years ago, I mourned the end of the book series after I locked myself in my D.C. apartment and spent eight hours reading Deathly Hollows cover to cover.

Fortunately, I still had the movies to look forward to, the movies that always took the story that had become so familiar to me over the years and gave it an exciting live-action treatment.

But the theatrical tale of Potter and Posse ends after the movie premieres at midnight.

Besides seeing Deathly Hollows at least two times and rereading the series, what should a HP fan like me do to cope?

NPR suggests some grown-up books for the HP set. Or you could hack into some road signs to show your love of Ol’ Harry. But I will turn to the coping mechanism that comforts me when life throws me for a loop — cooking.

The Harry Potter books are full of references to culinary treats both imaginary and real. So in our time of mourning, dear fellow fans, here’s a look at some websites that provide recipes for some of the treats J.K. Rowling included in HP’s world.

  • Like the junk food that the kids eat at Hogwarts? Here are recipes for Acid Pops, Cockroach Clusters (minus the cockroaches), Licorice Wands and Chocolate Frogs. (The Pastry Affair)
  • I always thought Butterbeer had a little bit of adult beverage in it, even though it was sold to minors (those crazy liberal Europeans … I kid, I kid). Anyhow, this recipe for the popular wizarding drink is alcohol free and sounds pretty tasty. (The Pastry Affair)
  • MuggleNet, the best site for all things Potter, has a comprehensive list of HP recipes. Highlights include Golden Snitch Cake Pops and Fever Fudge. (MuggleNet)
  • If you want to get more in depth with the magic in your kitchen, consider buying a Harry Potter cookbook. (Amazon)

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